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The Babel white-label advertising service is probably the most lucrative on the market. With a product that is easy to sell (multilingual real estate ads) and an average shopping basket that is currently 69,67 GBP, you receive up to 52,25 GBP for each ad placement.

Based on one ad placement per day, the corresponding earnings are 19 072 GBP per year..

Babel is the leading European network of shared multilingual ads. Only the "real estate" section is available for the time being, but others will be open soon (namely an auto section).

All of the ads in the Babel network are fully displayed in 6 languages (English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian).

Regardless of whether you have your own Web site, you can now earn income by offering our service. Here is how it works:

* You add our service to your site (or we create a new site for you).
* Web users can view and place ads on your site.
* Every time an ad is placed on your site, it is displayed on all the sites in the network.
* You receive up to 80% of the amount of each ad placed.

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Babel - Receive 52,25 GBP for each ad placement

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