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Welcome to the wonderful world of STEMTech HealthSciences.

Why Virtual?
This site will enable all interested parties to register as a ‘virtual’ Distributor in unopened markets and lock in their position in the genealogy and build a downline globally. This will also assist to indicate which countries have the highest concentrations of ‘Virtual’ Distributors to allow us to determine which country is opened next.

Why Here?
You are here on the Distributor ‘Virtual’ sign up page and read below to see what you can and cannot do as Virtual Distributor and how you can do it.

For more information feel free to email us at [email protected]

Instructions for sign up
Click on the link www.stemtechglobal.com/signup.aspx?ID=www

1. Follow the registration fields and be sure to indicate your country and have all the relevant information in all fields marked with "*" asterisk.

What can I do as ‘Virtual’ Distributor?
2. As a ‘Virtual Distributor, you can:

1. Recruit other ‘Virtual’ distributors in any country in the world
2. You can recruit Active Distributors in markets that are currently open

These open markets include:

1. United Kingdom
2. USA
3. Canada
4. South Africa
5. Jamaica
6. Mexico
7. Taiwan
8. Malaysia

3. You may order product as a retail customer if you are a ‘virtual’ distributor in the European Union
1. Please go to STEMTech: EU Retail Direct
4. You may also order product if the ship to address is in one of the countries listed above.
5. You will not receive any commissions on any sales made in any open market until such time as the country you are in is officially opened for business.
6. Any PV that you manage to generate will be counted toward qualification under the terms and conditions of the compensation plan for your particular country when it opens.
7. Commissions will not be paid retrospectively.
8. You will be asked for the following information
1. Valid addresses
2. Email, phone numbers, language, birth date
3. Enroller and sponsor ID numbers (essential)
4. Credit card details, US $0.25 will be charged to validate your address

- Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will be accepted.

You will be notified when your country has been officially opened for Pre-launch and you will have the opportunity to become an Active Distributor when this happens. We will send you an email with all relevant details at the appropriate time.

9. You will receive an email showing ID number and instructions for ordering product (if applicable) and recruiting other ‘Virtual Distributors’ in unopened markets AND 'Active' Distributors in opened markets.

10. You will be able to have Retail customers in OPEN markets and the European Union only.

11. You will have a personalized Web sign up page to send to others who wish to sign up as a ‘virtual’ Distributor in an unopened market or an Active Distributor in an opened market.

For more information, visit

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