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To be a Billion Dollar Global Health Company that shares Half Its Money with our Global Team of Representatives


Pearlcium is committed to revolutionary health empowerment for our customers and team members worldwide.

We are committed to being a new product category creator and dominating the market, thus giving our representatives the competitive edge for wealth.

We provide fanatical customer support and training so that our Representatives prosper!


At Pearlcium, You are our #1 Priority.

Pearlcium Pay Plan is designed to be easy for new networkers to start and keep making money. At the same time, it rewards leaders to build teams and help team members and encourage them to build multi-million dollar businesses.

Here are some highlights of the Pearlcium Pay Plan:
Fast start bonus up to 70% on 4 generations
3 x 9 forced matrix, paid up to 9 levels deep, 6% on each level
Matching bonus up to 60%
Founding Member Bonus

Volume discount up to 60% off retail

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