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Grand Elitia (grandelitia.com) - A database or networking company for only the upper class of society, the wealthy, the rich and royalty of Europe and America. Part of NeoLux Limited (neoluxgroup.com), which was established in 2004, and forming a strategic alliance with Forwin City (forwincity.com) and Star Elise (starelise.com) to enter the Middle East and Asian market, the packages under Grand Elitia PAYS YOU TO EAT, PLAY, ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!

Compensation plan:

10% Sponsor bonus, 10% of paired business volume, 1% of pairing till 10th generation and more.

Simply put, up to 8800 USD for 4 referrals, up to 1.1 million USD or more within 10 months..

For more information, visit
Grand Elitia

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