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NexgenMLM is currently in Pre-Launch
Launch Date January 21st 2009

The Multi Marketing Network
Product of the Millennium

This is an opportunity for the astute Business owner and Investor.

Ensure your Personal & Financial Independence TODAY as a Member of NexgenMLM

Hassle free for the SMART Network Marketer of this Generation
NO Sales Pitch, NO Cold Calling, NO Fuss, NO Gimmicks

Earn Money Straight Away Ė The only Internet Income Program that gives you CASH Rewards for every Member you sign up that purchases the Bulk Gems Direct Gemstone Gift Certificate.

Thatís right! For every friend, relative and business associate that you introduce to NexgenMLM and sponsor, you will receive $50 USD deposited directly into your account!

WOW that is a 25% Sales Bonus for introducing this Great New Business to a member who buys a Gemstone Gift Certificate.
Sponsor 1 who buys a Gift Certificate and that's $50 USD, Sponsor 10 a week and that's $500 USD a week!
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All signups that you personally sponsor, stay in YOUR downline. Helping you and your team move quicker through the big money boards!

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This Global opportunity offers you incentives and entitlements unlike any other internet income program currently offered.
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NexgenMLM is the future of online business and the future is here RIGHT NOW Ė What are you waiting for?

This revolutionary Multi Marketing Network Product has been designed and developed by Industry Professionals and Marketing Experts.
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NexgenMLM is straight forward and secure Ė FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE REAL MONEY by becoming

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Your first step to Success begins with a $300 USD Bulk Gems Direct Gift Certificate purchased for $200 USD that you can redeem online at Bulk Gems Direct, - Purchase Bulk Gemstones and Free Membership to NexgenMLM

You will also receive powerful marketing tools and your very own replicated website to promote this amazing internet income program; NexgenMLM.com/[Name]


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