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Be Financially Secure

Be Debt Free

Retire Early

Vacation Anywhere

Vacation Anytime

Support Your Causes

Spend More Time With Your Family

And More - Much More

Plus we offer a MONEY BACK gaurantee


Sail Away Cruises & Tours is turning the network marketing world upside down - literally.

This is not your parents MLM or network marketing program.

We offer a unique new twist on an old time program. We have a 2 wide by 15 deep matrix but unlike all other programs we reverse or flip our entire matrix on the first of each month. If you are at or near the end of the matrix this month, just wait, next month you will be at or near the top. You will receive a small check one month followed by a larger check the next month and as our matrix fills your checks will be over $32,000.00 every other month.

With our program everyone wins. You will always have an opportunity to be at the top and earn the big checks. This also slows down the drop out rate because you just have to wait another month and you know you will earn money.

It's really that simple and at only $10.00 a month almost anyone can afford it. It's cheaper than a trip to McDonalds once a month.

And just added - to make sure you can't lose we are giving everyone a MONEY BACK gaurantee. All you have to do is be a paid member for 12 months and sponsor just one new member who also remains a paid member for 12 months. If at the end of the twelve months you haven't earned more than you paid in we will pay you back the difference. You truly can't lose with Sail Away Cruises & Tours.

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Sail Away Cruises & Tours is a members only vacation and travel club. We offer internet rates on all of your vacations and we will have members only group vacations where it will be even cheaper.

And as a member you will receive 40% of whatever the travel agency commission is. This is for all of your vacations as well as anyone you refer to us for vacations.

We have a travel web site (Home Page) and we have a lot on the site but not everything can fit so we also have a land based full service agency for any type of travel you may need or want.


For a limited time until our supply runs out we are offering all new members a certificate for a free 3 day 2 night resort hotel stay of your choice in over 24 locations. Your only cost is a small reservation fee and the room tax.


That pretty well explains it. You can go directly to the APPLICATION page and fill out the application form and select your type of payment.

Or if you're the type that wants to know all of the details just check out the rest of the pages on this web site or e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Then go to the APPLICATION page.

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