Looks really good

GDI CLONE ... Lower Cost ... Better Income ...
Faster Growth ... More Fun ... Much Needed Service ...

JUST NOW LAUNCHED! ... It's called 3900 Income.

Hurry, jump in now to take advantage of this
unique spillover system that benefits one and all.

3900 Income is based a Wealth Distribution
Community format, which serves ALL members.

So what is Wealth Distribution, you ask?

... It simply means that wealth is created by the
distribution of money within the membership or,
in this case, within OUR community.

OK, so how is this in any way a clone of GDI?
... 3900 has a phree 7 day trial.. just like GDI.
... 3900 gives YOU phree domain names, just like GDI.
... 3900 provides a free affiliate website, just like GDI.
... 3900 pays 5 levels deep...just like GDI, only better!

Unlike GDI, however, the cost is ONLY $6/mo.
Unlike GDI, 3900 Income pays out $5 of the $6 and
GDI is $10/mo. and only pays out half of that $10.
So what's so special about 3900 Income?
3900 Income makes use of a 5 x 5 matrix, which
in english, means each level has only 5 levels
below it, so 5 becomes 25, 25 becomes 125 and
so on.
In $$$ terms it pays out as follows ...
On Level 1 ... YOU Get ... $5
On Level 2 ... YOU Get ... $25
On Level 3 ... YOU Get ... $125
On Level 4 ... YOU Get ... $625
On Level 5 ... YOU Get ... $3125
YOU Get A GRAND Total Of ... $3905/mo.

So you are thinking...what's the add'l benefit?
... The benefit is when I fill up my first level of
5 members and then my 6th & 7th signups, etc.,
will go below my first 5 members.
As a result, I am helping my first 5 signups get
downline members from my promotions.

3900 Income WILL be VERY POPULAR because of
its incredibly low cost which will attract a large
volume of new members AND the fact that THE

Expect VERY fast growth.

Get in NOW...enjoy the spillover as I signup
others below you.

Join me with this exciting new venture..

to our success