Hey Every one! I'm so exicted to have joined infinity 800!!
This this fills sooo fast I just got 2 spill overs from my sponsor!!
This this IS AWSOME!!!

Here are the details:
This is an EXCITING and ***** NEW PROGRAM just launched on December 1st at around 7p.m. Central Time. Founded and run by Jason Pearson, one of the most respected internet marketers today!!

Do not pass up the opportunity to join this program in its infancy stages. Here are the details:

Fast Moving 2X2 Matrix...

$200 plus $60 admin fee... ONE TIME ONLY!

Owners are well known and well respected online (Jason Pearson).

Pays $800 on every cycle less $260 to put you
back in under your sponsor with a new product purchase.

Net to you is $540 per cycle. Paid every friday by check.

A Product all Marketers Will Love... And.. The products
are both digital and physical.

So everytime you cycle a new product will be mailed to you.

You can even pay by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX!!


Get in early!

Thanks for reading,