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Attention Steps2Infinity

Don't try to build your team alone.

Join Us!

Who are we?: We are Steps2Infinity Team Builder and Profits Sharing Club. For each position sold 80 positions share commission bonus.Your money will cycle and recycle till infinity.

How does it work? When you buy a position with us:

first,we share our profit with you thru our earning cycle ( We distribute earning income in bach of 80 positions, so the more positions you own the more income you will get)

Second, we give you a S2I position and we put you in our forced matrix system. When the next person comes in we put he/she under you and share with you and him/her our earning income. And this will cycle again when the next person comes into our system. We will promote untill you get 3 S2I referrals and we put the 4th under your downline.

With our system everybody is paid and everybody's matrices filled. This is our guaranteed. But, this is not all.

Third, at the end of each month, we share with our paid members earning incomes generate thru other business activities.

All of that for $12.00 and no monthly fees. JOIN NOW

Look at our 4 Money Pools:

- Pools One: Daily Profits Sharing. 1 Position sold/80positions share commission bonus

- Pool Two: $1.00 immediately from each position of your direct referral for life

- Pool Three: Monthly Special Bonus

- Pool Four: Income from Steps2Infinity.com : Steps2Infinity.com payout bonus. We give out S2I position and fill 3X2 matrix for you and we keep doing it till infinity.

Position cost: $12.00- No monthly fee


4 Steps to get started

Step# 1 Join as a free member

Step# 2 Login to the member area and purchase positions- For each position purchased you will receive 1 free Steps2infinity position.

Steps# 3 Send a ticket with subject: S2I position request or F5B position. In the body give us your 80profits user id. We will create an account for you and place it in our system so the next one sign up we can place he/she under you. No position will be given out to you untill admin receive your ticket specify what system you want.

Steps# 4 You will be credited $1 immediately from each purchase position of your direct referrals. For each of your positions, you can turn $12.00 into a monthly income. You can withdraw your earnings, re-purchase more positions, or both. No matrix to fill or no sponsor required.

Note: S2I , F5B positions give out each time you spend $12.00 from Alertpay or e-gold account.

Our position cost $12.00. For each position sold 80 positions share commission bonus. Your money will cyle over and over again till infinity plus we place dowline members under you

Join Now

Our revolutionary accelerate cycle system will provide a wonderful opportunity to turn your $12 into a monthly income. No matrix to fill or sponsoring is required. A simple and true working no-sponsoring system will pay you from day one and month after month.


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