Dubli Network has just launched, and I must say, it is a very interesting concept, sort of like buying a lotto ticket to bid and low bid wins, so you can actually win expensive items for a fraction of what they are worth.

Reverse auctions are not new, but given the sharp declines at eBay, I suspect this is the ideal opportunity to introduce this low bid wins concept given recession is impacting everyone. It is free to register to bid, and you purchase credits if you see an item you want to bid on, similar to eBay, except the bid keeps going down, not up.

Having used eBay for years, and seeing no one able to compete with the gorilla, similar to how Google dominates the search industry, Dubli is the first serious contender, but it will take time, but imagine if you had a piece of eBay when it started? Well, I grabbed my piece of Dubli as I see this as the first serious long term competitor to eBay, time will tell.

Success to all, Mike