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How it Works:

Upon joining you are automatically placed into a 3 x 10 forced matrix with a re-entry feature which allows your income to continue even after you fill your first matrix!

Earn $10 for directly sponsoring a new member.


Earn $1 from your downline organization.
(Over 88,000 positions)


Income you earn from our unique re-entry system.

Your 3 x 10 forced matrix works like this:
Your matrix is only 3 people wide; this means that any person (including you) can have only 3 people directly below him or her. If you sponsor more than 3, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started! This is called spillover.

Direct Commission:

When you sponsor a new member you earn Direct Commission.

Bonus Commission:
When you receive spillover sales from the recruiting efforts of your upline you earn Bonus Commission!
When you receive sales within from the recruiting efforts of your downline you earn Bonus Commission!!

Re-entry Commission:

With our unique re-entry system, all active members will be able to have multiple positions. When those re-entered position spillover into your downline organization YOU GET PAID Commission again and again!

If you personally sponsor a member who re-enters with multiple positions you will also be paid Direct Commission on every position re-entered! E.g: If you personally introduce a new member who activates their position you will earn Direct Commission on that order. If that member re-enters 10 times then you will earn 10 x the Direct Commission (that's a very nice income). You can also earn Bonus Commission on all those re-entered positions.

Food for thought: What happens if thousands of members in your upline re-enter multiple times? Their new positions have to be placed in the matrix some where right? The spillover into your downline organization could be incredible!

Don't forget that your downline can also re-enter multiple times! I think you're getting the picture of how powerful this marketing plan can be!

What is the benefit of re-entering?
When you have multiple positions you are then eligible to earn income on every single position! Your new position is placed into the matrix in the first available position in your own downline organization!

Once you re-enter you are then eligible to be paid on ANOTHER 88,000 positions!

From this re-entry feature alone the income generated from these spillover sales can be awesome!
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