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Can we Send You a Check Every Month?

Promote MyCaptureSystem to Your Friends and Associates to Get Paid Month After Month!

Not only does MyCaptureSystem give you all the tools to generate your own home business leads, but by telling others about this fantastic online marketing tool you can make more money too! At MyCaptureSystem, we realize that it is absolutely impossible for us to reach every single person who could benefit from our technology. So, we are more than happy to let you help spread the word, and then pay you over and over to do so!

By signing up for MyCaptureSystem Account, you will automatically receive a unique affiliate link and marketing tools you can use to inform other home business owners and online entrepreneurs about the MyCaptureSystem program and opportunity.

Every time someone you refer signs up for a paid MyCaptureSystem account, not only do you get a $7.00 commission on the original sale, but also on the recurring monthly payments. The longer the members that you refer maintain their accounts, the more money you make!

How it Works!

In order to encourage affiliate sales, we pay you on two different levels. Your first level is anyone that you refer personally and your second level is anyone your personally sponsored refers.

For example, when you refer John Marketer to MyCaptureSystem, you earn a $7.00 commission off of John's monthly subscription for as long as he is a customer. Also, if John refers anyone to MyCaptureSystem, then you earn a $1.00 commission on the monthly subscriptions made by those members. This structure makes it extremely beneficial for you to tell all of your friends and associates about MyCaptureSystem.

How Much Money Do You Make!

We have two different levels that you get paid by referring others to MyCaptureSystem.

1st Level

As a member of MyCaptureSystem you will make $7.00 off of all your personal referrals (1st level) who choose to purchase MyCaptureSystem ($34.95) . That means if you refer 20 people to MyCaptureSystem.com and 10 of them become a paid subscriber in the first month, you will earn a whopping $70.00! Even better is the fact that you will continue to earn an additional $7.00 each and every month a person keeps their account active.

2nd Level

Also as a member of MyCaptureSystem you will make an additional $1.00 of any paid member that any of your personal referrers bring on. That means if each of the 10 individuals you personally bring to MyCaptureSystem.com personally refer 5 others, you would make an additional $50.00 on top of your 1st level commissions! Just like your 1st Level recurring commissions, your 2nd Level commissions are also recurring as well, possibly giving you an extra $120.00 monthly income!

EXAMPLE: An average year of MyCaptureSystem Commissions

If you referred 10 people each and every month for 1 year, you would be paid just on your 1st Level commissions the total below:

* Month 1 x 10 referrals for 12 months = $840.00
* Month 2 x 10 referrals for 11 months = $770.00
* Month 3 x 10 referrals for 10 months = $700.00
* Month 4 x 10 referrals for 9 months = $630.00
* Month 5 x 10 referrals for 8 months = $560.00
* Month 6 x 10 referrals for 7 months = $490.00
* Month 7 x 10 referrals for 6 months = $420.00
* Month 8 x 10 referrals for 5 months = $350.00
* Month 9 x 10 referrals for 4 months = $280.00
* Month 10 x 10 referrals for 3 months = $210.00
* Month 11 x 10 referrals for 2 months = $140.00
* Month 12 x 10 referrals for 1 months = $70.00

Total = $5460.00

Now if each of your 10 personally enrolled members each referred 5 people each to MyCaptureSystem for 1 year, your 2nd Level commissions would look like this:

* Mon. 1 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 12 months = $600.00
* Mon. 2 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 11 months = $550.00
* Mon. 3 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 10 months = $500.00
* Mon. 4 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 9 months = $450.00
* Mon. 5 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 8 months = $400.00
* Mon. 6 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 7 months = $350.00
* Mon. 7 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 6 months = $300.00
* Mon. 8 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 5 months = $250.00
* Mon. 9 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 4 months = $200.00
* Mon. 10 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 3 months = $150.00
* Mon. 11 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 2 months = $100.00
* Mon. 12 x 50 2nd Lvl. referrals for 1 months = $50.00

Total = $3900.00

Year Grand Total= $9360.00

With the addition of the 2nd Level, anyone can see that just by referring other home business entrepreneurs to MyCaptureSystem.com there is no limit to the amount that anyone can make in additional commissions that can be part of anyone's multiple streams of income!

What Marketing Tools Do MyCaptureSystem Affiliates Use?

We provide you with some of the most advanced tools available to promote the MyCaptureSystem program. When you sign up at any level you will receive:

A Unique MyCaptureSystem Affiliate Link
When a customer visits the MyCaptureSystem website via your unique affiliate link, we can track each purchase they make and you earn a commission for those sales. http://www.mycapturesystem.com/yourID

Real Time Web Statistics
We'll tell you all about who's visiting our web site via your affiliate link to track hits, sales, and dollars earned per visitor.

Real Time Access To Sales Information
As a MyCaptureSystem affiliate, you'll know when you've made a sale the second the order is placed.

Marketing Tools
Your MyCaptureSystem affiliate back office contains several different marketing tools including banners, links, articles and more!

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