MPB CORPORATION is a responsible legal entity that is officially registered in the British state register of companies, and licensed to carry out the financial activity without any territorial limitations. Every employee of the company has a special degree within the required competence participation in working processes. MyPrivateBank is, above all, a team of traders and qualified experts in business investments who act together with a group of technical analysts. One of the most important competitive advantages of the company is the correct priorities aiming at the cryptocurrency trading, ICO and high perspectives of start-up projects in modern technologies development. We have a powerful analytical resource, original programming algorithms, comprehensive computer equipment, and unique methods of coordinating the investment activity managed by experienced specialists. It allows us to achieve the maximum control over the correct allocation of all financial flows of the company and ensure daily success from every investment made on our platform.

- Investment Plan: 2%-5.5% daily for 7-42 days, 150%-300% after 15-30 days
- Min/Max: $10 / $50000
- Referral: 20%
- Withdrawal: Instant

- Lifetime: 3 days