As an Independent Marketing Associate of Onelife I am presenting to you the oportunity to be part of a global Company that are working in the field of cryptocurrency.

The currency is onecoin. It is free to register an account, and then you have what I believe is two weeks to decide wether or not you wish to purchase one or more educational packages or not.
With the educational packages, you will for each pack be able to follow a course that teaches you about for example "Finance", this is the first one.
Then with the 2nd package, you will learn about "Forex". There are a total of six educational packages at the moment that you can complete.

If you do not make a purchase within two weeks from registration I believe that your account will be terminated.

You might also find that there are certain products offered by this company or affiliated websites that interest you more aswell.

This oportunity is both for the ones who wish to work their way for a possible income, as well as for those who does not like to do a lot of saleswork/recruiting.
There is no requirements that you have to reqruit others.

When you buy an educational package, you will receive prmotional tokens, those tokens can be submitted to mining, and through the process you will find one-coins. Be aware there are no promises as to how many coins are found.

The company started back a few years ago, and today they have passed the 3 million members mark.

As stated, there is more than one product one can work with, we can talk more about that if interested.

Also, there is the oportunity to earn some educational packages, and as such you do not need to spend your own money if this oportunity really interest you.

I wish to welcome those of You who thinks that this might be something for you.
Please just send me an private message and then I will get back to you.

"this is pretty much a rough presentation, there is so much more to tell, but I have decided to keep this short for now"

Wishing you the best.