SwissMine Club – Crypto currency combine with network marketing

The pre-launch of Swissmine is set for January 21st 2017.The official global launch event will be celebrated on March 21st 2017 inDubai. With an estimated distribution period of 3 years in total, the publictrading of Ducatus coins is determined for January 1st 2020.

Toallow partners early trading of DUCATUS, the company will launch an internaltrading platform by August 1st 2017. This platform will allow partners to selltheir coins back to the company or directly to other partners. At the sametime, the merchant network will be launched allowing partners to purchase goodsand services online at special member discounts paying with DUCATUS.

Now isthe time to become an EARLY ADOPTER in potentially the fastest crypto-currency movementin the world. There has never been a better time, never been a greateropportunity for anyone!

Ourgenerous multi-layered Compensation Plan ensures great benefits from active andpassive bonuses. With higher-than-usual pay-outs and a state-of-the-art accountingsoftware, bonuses are not only calculated daily, they are also credited to yourpersonal e-wallet instantly.

Togreatly benefit early supporters, SWISSMINE will add a further 10% of creditsto the first package bought before March 31st 2017. Any additional package willbe rewarded with an additional 5% of credits within this period.

Foreach country that grows a SWISSMINE member base of more than 5000 activepartners, the company will assure that a local support center will beestablished to service all partners in their mother language, offering emailand telephone support. These centers will be operated by trained partners outof the network to ensure a deep understanding of the practical side of thebusiness

All BVearned from day 1 accumulates indefinitely and automatically. 1 Euro is valuedas 0.8BV!
Qualificationsand Career levels once received will remain in place forever. Achieved bonuses willbe calculated and credited on the same day they are earned.
Eachpartner reaching the career level of BRONZE does automatically qualify for thecar program. Please check the CAR PROGRAM TABLE for further details.

Receive8+5% direct bonus on theBusiness Volume (BV) from Mining Credits bought by your directly sponsoredpartners.
Forpackages of 5,000 Euro or higher, you will earn an additional 5%, making thisdirect bonus with a total of 18% the highest in the industry!

Toqualify for the Team Bonus you need to purchase mining credits for a minimum of€50 and sponsor at least 2 First-Line Partners, each purchasing €50 credits or more.
Afterthat, the BV accumulates indefinitely, automatically leading to higher bonuslevels.

TheMatching Bonus is calculated on the direct and team bonus of your down-line partners.It is paid until the 13th level.
Toqualify, you must purchase a minimum of €250 mining credits. Additionally 3
directlyenrolled First-Line Partners with a minimum of €250 credits purchased are required.Qualification must only be fulfilled once.

Receivea 1-TIME €400 Bonus with a cumulative turnover of at least 5,000 BV within 30days of registration. To qualify, a minimum of 30% BV must be brought in by
theweaker legs! With a cumulative turnover of atleast 10,000 BV the 1-TIME Bonus paid will rise to € 1,300!!

Aunique opportunity is available for individual investors or registeredcompanies who do not want to be actively involved in the “network marketing”yet eager to invest into this upcoming crypto-currency. Through the DucatusXplatform investments starting from Euro 1.000 up to Euro 500.000 are possibleoffering fixed returns of 1% per month. Invested monies are locked for a periodof 8 months and can only be extended for a maximumof 2 additional periods.
This opportunity will belaunched on March 21st 2017.

  • Affiliate – sign up and invest €50 to €25,000 EUR
  • Iron – have a downline generating at least 1000 GV a month and recruit at least two affiliates who have invested at least €50 EUR each
  • Aluminium – have a downline generating at least 3000 GV a month and have at least one Iron ranked downline affiliate
  • Zinc – have a downline generating at least 8000 GV a month and have at least two Iron ranked downline affiliates
  • Nickel – have a downline generating at least 21,000 GV a month and have at least one Aluminum and one Iron ranked downline affiliates
  • Copper – have a downline generating at least 55,000 GV a month and have at least one Zinc, one Aluminium and one Iron ranked downline affiliate
  • Bronze – have a downline generating at least 144,000 GV a month and have at least one Nickel and two Aluminium ranked downline affiliates
  • Silver – have a downline generating at least 377,000 GV a month and have at least one copper and two Zinc ranked downline affiliates
  • Gold – have a downline generating at least 987,000 GV a month and have at least one Bronze and two Copper ranked downline affiliates
  • Platinum – have a downline generating at least 2,584,000 GV a month and have at least one Silver, one Bronze and two Copper ranked downline affiliates (or personally recruit 5 Bronze ranked affiliates)

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Note: you can build a team online or offline in your country.

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