The digital currency HABCOIN is officially recognized as INERNATIONALES CASH. The group ROTHSCHILD has concluded an agreement with the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY GUARDIAN (Central Bank London), under the supervision of Treuhändischem aspect.

habcoin is a decentralized digital currency, born in 2016, attributed to the Hab Group leans towards certification of its transactions a protocol block chain, which represents the new frontier of the certification of digital data (currency, real estate, cars, etc.).
To do so, this new technology (BlockChain) it does not need any organ of intermediation (BANKS).
Reminder: the company reserves the right to BRING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST ANYONE who spread NEWS that are NOT AUTHORISED in the SOCIAL and in the press, ABOUT DIVERGENT CORPORATE STRATEGIES than those DISSEMINATED in the official website.
It is expressly forbidden to use the COMPANY LOGO on SOCIAL and CHAT, for Mining COM Hab coin is a company that wants to spread the habcoin you can acquire jointly, through the purchase of portions (shares) and in accordance with art. 1100 and following of the civil code, specific computers (calculation unit mining-machine) to undermine habcoin and perform the same in habcoin, our digital currency.
Computers purchased are left on loan to the company, which will develop the mining as follows: MINING the WE CARRY OUT through the installation of computers purchased by our customers, in appropriate space available at our Office;
With qualified personnel for installation and monitoring;
With qualified personnel ready to replace any damaged parts