These are the 5 things you'll find common in all MLM leaders who recruit online.

1. What's in it for THEM? - if you are selling your product to someone, how is gonna help them? Whom is this product for? People are looking solutions to their problems all the time and if your product can be that solution, you have a golden opportunity to sell. But for that, you need to know exactly what the other person is needing, not every product is for everyone. I sold Empower Network's Viral blogging platform to a person who needed to promote his MLM business online, and it was a perfect fit for him. I sold the top producer formula Handbook to a person who wanted to be the top producer in his company. These people just needed these products and they were a complete fit for them. Not every product is for everyone. Think how can your product help solve their problem?

2. Do you have results?- Well, if you have a tool or an app that you are selling, that's fine. But I see 100s of these ads on Facebook groups related to internet marketing, mlm, make money online etc, which people post selling products which teach a skills like marketing, or making money from home etc..Here's the thing, if your product really works, do you have results to show? If you have, congratulations, because then it'll be a lot easier for you to sell these results and get more people in. I sponsored the first person on autopilot, because what I am learning at Empower Network really works, and then I showed me results to 2 other people who were looking forward to sponsor people in their business on the internet, without cold calling and home meetings and the painful stuff. Guess what, they just signed up! :) Do you understand how it works? You're probably thinking that you might need to change the company you are with, or the people you are with, and I am here to tell you that you're right.

3. Make your story- if you've seen those infomercials on television, which sell weight loss products and many other products, you know what I am talking about. If you have a weight loss product as your MLM business, in the last point I talked about getting results. So get your results, LOOSE WEIGHT, and then your "before" and "after" photos will compel people to buy from you. Similarly, if you've got any product which changed your business and your life, make a story, include your past and present, and compare them, and share this story when you talk to the people. Guys, facts tell, stories sell! People connect more with you if you share a story with them. Which is exactly what I am telling you to do!

4. Make an offer, Don't spam - Most people just spam their links into people's chats, and you know what, the moment you do this, the other person starts hating you down to the core, and you've lost all your chance to sell that product to that person. Get to know about him, his business, what he does, the problems he is facing, if you have a solution to their problem, GREAT! Make an offer by saying something like, "would you be open to watching a quick video which could help you? :)" This is not the best thing which you can say, but at least its not as repulsive as spamming paragraphs of text filled with the product info, comp. Plan, company details- hey, nobody cares! Because its called SPAMMING :)

5. Build relationship with them- You might face rejection, when somebody says NO to your offer, but that's okay, that's how the most successful person you know in this industry learnt, right? So instead of getting frustrated about it, and start criticizing the person and his deal and his business, try to learn from him. If he is a leader in his company, he will not join you, as of now. But guess what, he's a leader, and you can learn a lot of things from him. If he is someone who has just started, build friendship, it might help in future.