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What make Gemcoin different ?

Issued by USFIA (US Fine Investment Arts) at 0.05 $ on September 1st 2014, Gemcoin is the first and only digital currency secured by $ 15 billion of assets based on precious stone value. It is certified by Bill No. 129 of the United States, which was approved by the California government on June 28, 2014. This currency, unlike Bitcoin, will never fall! This is why it is your best investment with minimum risk.

AFG Inc. (Alliance Financial Group) holds USFIA. The best investments of AFG are funds in real estate (REITs), in gem mines, in auctions, computer science, biotechnology, and aerospace equipment.

Following its presentation at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, the Gemcoin receive the AIM Investment Award and its course is increasing quickly. It is currently more than 2% per day and its accelerates !

Today April 23 its value is $ 0.2225, which represents 345 % in 7 months. And we are only in the beginning.

We expect it to be between $ 5 and $ 15 by the end of 2015, probably around $ 200 in the end of 2016!!

Join us now and you won't regret it !

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