I am the Admin

I been tired of Joining program that only a handful of members that are on top are earning so I created Blessing4all.

Blessing4all is an MLM program with wellness products for our local members and for our international members we have Advertising credits and ebooks collections for you

This is a combination of old school networking here for our local members and Online marketing like what we are doing here.
We Accept Payza and STP

I Designed the compensation plan to make all my members make money!

ONLY $30 one time out of the pocket expense plus a quarterly renewal of $5 subscription
Note: Only those who are in profit are required to pay the $5 quarterly subscription if you are still at loss then we will extend your membership FREE of charge till you earn back your $30

$5 CASHBACK OFFER For All rolclub members who join blessing4all. after upgrading send me a pm and send me your blessing4all username so I can send back to your online processor my $5 cash back offer then you just need to post here on our thread the acknowledgement that you recieve our $5 cashback.


  • PROFIT SHARING BONUS - Every one will earn a profit share, No referrals needed

Our mission is already on our name to be a Blessing for all and to make it happen we allocated a portion of all the sales generated by the company to our PROFIT SHARING FUND POOL which will be divided among all VIP members. There are no requirements to be able to receive profit share and there is no limit on how much you can earn on this profit sharing system by Blessing4all, You will be receiving profit share for life as long as we are making sales then you will enjoy profit sharing bonus

  • REVOLVING 2X2 MATRIX - YOU and YOUR SPONSOR will earn $10, $16, $30, $60, $120, and $240 again and again.

This is an ENHANCED 2x2 matrix pay plan. The great thing on this system NO ONE is left behind your sponsor and your uplines can really help you cycle and advance to the next 2x2 matrix. PLUS you will also EARN POINTS every time you cycle from silver on wards. You can use this points to purchase products and for incentives

  • 2 UP PASS UP - Earn $2 per pass up to you infinite width and infinite deep

Your first 2 referrals will be pass up and their first 2 referral and so on to the the person where you have been pass up or to your upline . then your 3rd referrals onward will stay with you and will pass up their first 2 referrals and the referrals of their first 2 and so on to YOU!

  • 4x8 UNILEVEL MATRIX - Unilevel Matrix with spill over (Earn per position filled)
    This VIP 4x8 matrix get filled every time a new member in your downline upgraded to VIP member. A full VIP matrix can give you a total income of $76,458.00 PLUS You will also earn additional 2% income on product and advertising credits purchases made by the people within your VIP Matrix

To Visit and Join us at Blessing4all CLICK HERE!

After upgrading don't forget to pm me here so I can send back the $5 cash back to you.