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    Default Goldbex -

    What is Goldbex?

    Goldbex is a global system of financial intelligence.
    It is socio-economic movement in more than 90 countries.
    Its goal is to contribute and to help people and their families with financial difficulties during the time of crisis and recession.
    Its system does not only generate income, but it educates about money management.
    They are looking for people who are ready to transmit our philosophy to the world.

    The origin

    The company was created in Septembre, 2010.
    It was found and is currently chaired by Mr. Antonio Lara.
    Goldbex began its activity in Europe and expanded quickly across different continents.
    The company focuses on financial education and investment gold.
    Today the company is recognized worldwide.
    The principal objective of Goldbex is to help families during crisis to solve their financial problems with the help of financial intelligence.

    Generate income with Goldbex

    Franchisee: Get direct benefits to give the opportunity to others.
    Wiin Club: Create income or cashflow and you will get financial education.
    Gold accumulation plans: All money put in the system is tripled and you will get gold ingots of 24K.

    Franchising of Goldbex

    As a Goldbex franchisee you will get a proven successful business.
    You will be working with 2 rising sectors as financial education and gold investment.
    In less than 24 hours your business will work and you will start generating income.
    You will have an official website in 6 different languages with a virtual presenter.
    You will receive the first 5 lessons of financial education of Wiin Club free of charge.
    You will be trained and you will get a Virtual Office with tools to manage your business.

    Benefits for each new franchisee

    Get 100 for each new recommended franchisee.
    Millions people worldwide are looking for opportunities.
    Offer the rising business of proven success.
    Recommend our franchising online and get high income

    Gold accumulation plans Goldbex

    All money put in the system triples.
    Put money in the system and get gold.
    Remember that gold is a safe-asset during times of crisis.
    There are 9 different plans for all budgets.
    It is a totally legal and safe system.
    You chose between receiving gold at home or keeping it in safe boxes.
    If you need money the company purchases your gold immediately.

    Just from 100 you can start today

    6 plans of gold accumulation

    How to start

    You should choose the way to start business as a Client or a Franchisee.
    As a client you will have an access only to accumulation plans of gold.
    As a franchisee you will have 5 different ways to generate income.
    Moreover, as a franchisee you will get 5 lessons of our Master of financial education free of charge.
    For more ambitious people we recommend Gold Starter Pack (Franchising + GBP100).

    Methods of payment
    Debit or credit card Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB.
    Bank transfer

    This is my franchising website, you can register through this link

    For any question you can reply on this topic

    Thank you for your attention!

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    It's a good moment to buy gold! Look the graph, price break the ema21 and you can see a new uptrend!

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