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RevShareCycler is an advertising program dedicated to revolutionize the advertising RevShare industry by bringing a unique financial benefit to it's Members, affiliates and advertisers with our cutting-edge systems that house two unique programs in one.

We are set to create the much needed change you have been waiting for, that is why we create This program to pay every member and on time too We have set out three unique systems for our members and affiliates to earn with us.

Revenue Share... Members Share 100 Percent Of Our Total Sales Every 10 Minutes
Straight Line Cycler... Members Cycle Every Time As The System Adds 3 People Under Them Without Their Effort cycles to earn $60
Affiliates that promote Revsharecycler Earns 10% On 2 Levels { 8% - 1st Level, 2% - 2nd Level } In The Revshare , In Straightline Cycler $5 From Every Referral That Subscribe To The Cycling Board and $2 Matching Bonus.


Responsive, Trusted and well known Admin
RevShare Pack cost $10 and matures at $13
Cycling Entry spot cost $25 and Earns $60 per cycle
Minimum Withdrawals $5 and Maximum $1000
Fast Withdrawals, Monday to Saturdays
Unlimited spot to Premium Adpack and Cycling Purchase
Licensed Superior Script* SSL Encryption* DDOS Protection* Dedicated Server
No Surf Option Available with our Vacation membership
Surf only 5 sites Daily to qualify to share from our Daily Sales
No Sponsoring Required to Earn in any of the two Unique Systems

Accept : PM, EGOPAY, STP