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    Default Monetary Rain -

    I am not an administrator of the project!!

    Start: 21.04.2013


    1.Osnovnye goal of the game - this is to multiply the capital of users in a short time and without risk.
    2.Ocheredi - is the foundation of the project. Each participant may take place by paying the amount required for entry. When your rate will be in the first place, you will automatically receive the deposited amount back, and 50% of revenue. A queue can hold an unlimited number of times, as well as several places in the queue, without waiting for the previous payments.
    3.Obmenniki - an opportunity to exchange dollars for rubles and vice versa.
    4.Partneram - inviting new participants in the project, you will receive 10% of their rates ocheredi.Vyvod referral commissions every 10 days.
    5.Statistika queue is automatically updated within 12-24 hours. If the entry you do not appear in the queue do not raise panic, your turn is sure to appear. Time of entry into all reports, since the payment entry.
    6.Zachislenie funds to the players automatically at the approach to the first place in the queue. The funds are transferred from the project account to the account of the player in the automatic mode at time of 1-36 hours.

    Login to turn 4RURTsena 4 RURDohod 8 RUR
    Login to turn 8RURTsena 8 RURDohod 16 RUR
    Log in line 5-50 RUR universalnayaTsena: 5-50 RURDohod: 50%
    Login to turn Auto RURTsena 1000 1000 RURDohod: 898.000 RUR (TOYOTA CAMRY)
    Entrance to all new 150 RURTsena: RURDohod 150 300 RUR
    Login to turn $ 5 Price: $ 5Dohod: $ 07.05
    Login to turn a $ 20 Price: $ 20Dohod: $ 30
    Login to turn a $ 50 Price: $ 50Dohod: $ 75
    Login to turn $ 100 Price: $ 100Dohod: $ 190
    Login to turn $ 500 Price: $ 500Dohod: $ 1000

    Accepts: Qiwi, steady pay.

    Our contribution:

    25.06.2013 17:33:58
    8.00 rubles.
    Visa QIWI Wallet +79538568380 8 RUB

    Received payment:
    27.06.2013 19:33:03
    32.00 rubles.
    Visa QIWI Wallet +79538568380

    About the project can link to:

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    a new domain name:, and hallway -

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