Due to the entry fee (only $ 10) and the number of levels (of 4), the apex is reached very quickly, and so an infinite number of times!
It is very simple and affordable!
You do not need any special knowledge or effort!
Any cmozhete earn with this project!
You will earn as much as you can, there are no restrictions!
Certified Passive income - after attracting 3 referrals!
All calculations only between the parties, any fee or commission!
It does not matter where you came - the project is infinite and will not be closed!
The maximum cost of the project: site: http://rabotnik.in will not exceed $ 10!
The system will find you referrals - are distributed free! But this does not mean that nothing can be delat.Sistema not find referrals all at once - it will take a lot of time, so as the pyramid grows. Find the most three people is not so difficult. If every vertex priderzhiavlsya this rule would be achieved very quickly and your wallet you would rejoice more and more!
Instant notification by email of all the events!
Full statistics of your levels and sales!
Contact information, statistics of your distributors and referrals!
There are no restrictions on the acquisition of levels!
No limit on the number of accounts!
Total in project level 4.
Level Price Referrals Earnings
1. ------- 10 ------- $ 3 people. ------- $ 30
2. ------- $ 20 ------- 9 people. ------- $ 180
3. ------- $ 30 ------- 27 people. ------- $ 810
4. ------- $ 40 ----- 81 people. ----- 3240 $
As you can see the project: http://rabotnik.in built with maximum efficiency.
To participate in the project, you need to accept the rules, register and order the 1 level.
Have fun with your earnings!