Green-Сoin is a modern unique mutual benefit fund.

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Video that explains the gist of the project

Deposit: 25$ to join the project Withdraw: 2550$ by leaving the project
(payments on each level)

Payments on each level:
1 level - 10$
2 level - 40$ (you have doubled your one-time contribution)
3 level - 100$
4 level$ -
400$+400$+400$+400$+400$+400$ = 2400$ (every payment is instantly available for withdrawal)
Total 2550$

The Advertising Platform is now developing.
Itís never too late to join!!!
There are a lot of bonus programs and special offers:
1) Double your profit: invite 5 people and get 25$ more
2)You may get 150$, 100$ and 50$ every week
3)If you find any mistake, youíll get $$$$

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