RefBan Referral Banners is currently in pre-launch. The system will be set live in early 2013.

Although the system is still in development, you can start building your referral downline right now and earn real cash from day one! Click on 'Referrals' to get your unique referral link!

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For 5 days RefBan Referral Banners be giving advertisers 50% EXTRA on all credit orders! That's up to up to $63.00 USD worth FREE! Buy 10,000 visitors and get 15,000! Buy 100,000 visitors and get 150,000!

The sale applies to all credit types and will run from the 6th October 2012 to midnight on the 10th October 2012. Does not include banners.

Additional credits will be added within 48 hours of purchase.

RefBan Referral Banners New Ad Network!

We will soon be launching a brand new, completely unique advertising network that pays you! Earn much more than with WordLinx, for doing much less!

RefBan Referral Banners is a brand new concept in banner advertising! Get paid to display banners on your site, plus get paid to refer free members on ten levels AND earn massive 30% affiliate commissions!

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Rent Referrals!

Soon, for the first time ever, you'll be able to RENT referrals! They'll be the same high quality as our WordLinx Referrals, but will cost just $7.50 for 50!

What can you expect to earn? If your 50 referrals click ten ads a day, you'll earn $0.50 USD per day. Over a month you'll earn $15.00 USD - double your money!

That doesn't even include what you'll earn from upgrades, ad purchases or your ten level downline! Buy with PayPal, Payza or your WordLinx cash balance!

Special Rewards! FREE TO JOIN HERE RefBan Referral Banners

We'll soon be introducing a brand new way to earn that will encourage all members to do more - rewards! For example, refer 10 upgraded members and get $5.00 USD! Refer 10 advertisers and get $10.00 USD!

Rewards will also be given for things like clicking and sharing links. This will keep the whole network more active, so you can generate more income from your referrals!

Upgrade for just $15!

We've made our Verified upgrade even better! Still much cheaper than other leading networks and you now get over 500 guaranteed $0.01 USD adverts, plus unlimited ten level downline earnings!

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Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


We've transformed the tired old banner advertising model into an exciting new opportunity for both members and advertisers! Earning with RefBan Referral Banners is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1.We pay you a guaranteed amount per day
to display banners on your website.
2.We pay for every free member that you refer that also refers another active member.
3.We pay affiliate commissions for any of your referrals that purchase advertising.
About Rogue...
RefBan Referral Banners is owned by Rogue, a registered company that has been trading online for more than ten years. Rogue also owns WordLinx, the world's oldest paid-to-click site. Over the years Rogue has built up a solid reputation for paying members on time, every time.