Check out this awesome web site called Funky Shark

Literally anything you want gets auctioned off in what they call a Penny Auction. Digital cameras, flat screen TV's, DVD players, smart phones, Ipods, Ipads, gift cards to all the major box stores... tons of stuff.

And people are scoring this stuff for 90-98% off retail. It's my new favorite way to shop online. You can see all the live penny auctions real time and watch as people win electronics, gift cards, gas cards, etc for just pennies on the dollar.

People get these insane savings because the auction price starts at one penny. As people bid on an item the price increases by one penny. So if 500 people were to bid on an Ipod before the auction closes, 500 bids equals 500 pennies, or $5. The winner gets the Ipod for $5!

To bid on any auction you first buy bids. You can buy a small pack of 10 bids for $10. You can buy bigger packs and the price per bid goes way down to 70 cents. Let's say all the bids people spent on the Ipod auction were $1.

So 500 bids equals $500 that the company brought in on this one auction. Huge profits right? It's what they do with these profits that really gets exciting. Almost as exciting as winning an Ipod for $5.

50% of the profits get paid out to other members. They first calculate up to 150% of the retail value and pay half of that amount to the sponsor of the auction winner. The remaining half is paid out to 5 other people above the sponsor.

So if your friend won the Ipod for $5 but it's retail value is $140, the company sends you a check $105! And the other $105 is paid out to 5 other people. It's totally nuts!

The rest of the money that comes from the auctions dumps into 7 bonus pools and we all can qualify to earn equal shares of the pools every month. Plus they also pay you every month for referring that Ipod winner and anyone else to the company.

I wanted to tell you about this because I think it's awesome. It's an awesome way to get unheard of deals on just about anything. It's an awesome resource for anyone you know. And it makes all of us a little or a lot of extra money every month depending on how far we take it.

Here's my link. Before your next shopping trip you should check the auctions because they have gift cards to just about every box store and grocery store.

My personal link is below if you want more details...

I think you should check this out!

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