As markets today grow in a progressive scale, it makes us consider the investment opportunities. Funds can not be allowed to stay unemployed, they should work. According to the current tendencies one of the most efficient ways to invest money is stock exchange. When you perform active investment into stock exchange market you not only move the economics forward, but what is more important you make your free money work for you and gain maximal profit. A profit that can not be compared to passive bank investment. Since its incorporation back in 2003, FinTime Investment Group has been driven by the mission to provide comprehensive solutions for efficient investment into global financial markets to individual and institutional investors.

FinTime Investment Group is an alliance of independent stock market traders with over 10 years experience in the field. Today our skills are available for you to make your investment efficient. FinTime Investment Group is committed to meet and exceed the expectations of both the individual and institutional investors. We strive to provide professional and timely personalized services to our clients. Our dedicated Customer Service Team provides 24-hour support.Our vision is to show the highest level of financial services, providing integrated online trading services to clients from all segments, leveraging on technology, innovation and human resources, and adopting the best ethical practices.

FinTime Investment Group is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). As a licensed credit company, FinTime Investment Group upholds the highest standards and business practices. FinTime Investment Group complies with strict regulatory requirements and is subject to regular audits, to ensure that the interests of the Clients are met conscientiously. Based in a member-state of the European Union, FinTime Investment Group implements all the relevant EU directives and standards in the regulation and supervision of the financial services sector. Clients' funds protection is guaranteed by The Security Investors Compensation Fund (SICF), established pursuant to the DIRECTIVE 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, adopted on March 3rd, 1997.

Invest today into the "Top manager" or "Medium Invest" investment plans and take part in the Audi A5 today!

Promotion rules:

  • Promotion name is "Audi A5 lucky draw"
  • The promotion is organized by FinTime Investment Group
  • The promotion is valid since Apr 11, 2012
  • The promotion end is Jan 1, 2013
  • The main prize is Audi A5 car
  • All the registered accounts go to special random drawing machine
  • On the Jan 1, 2013 one random account will be picked by the drawing machine
  • It is necessary to invest into "Top Manager" or "Medium Invest" investment plans to be qualified for the promotion
  • EACH "Top manager" investment is qualified for the promotions. Which means you can invest as many times as you like into the "Top manager" or "Medium Invest" investment plans. The more investments you make the higher your chances are!
  • The winner and FinTime Investment Group shall agree on the date, time and place of receiving the prize within 2 weeks after posting the results
  • The car can be received by the winner in any representative office of FinTime Investment Group
  • FinTime Investment Group will pay the costs of bringing the car to the place of residence of the winner. The winner pays the costs of taxes and customs duties.
  • According to the wish of the winner the prize can be replaced with cash equivalent of Audi A5 car cost. The funds will be credited to the winner's bank or e-currency account.

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