Pay plan:

Min. investment = 5 $

Daily interest : 1.6 - 2.5%
Duration : 80 - 120 Days

Total profit = 200 %

What is a distributor?
A distributor is basically a referrer of our products and services which we allow those distrubutors to sell to others in return for a commission on each sale generated. Our distributor commissions are 10% on one level recurring.

You can join advertising program as a free member to try out services and products but you must have at least 1 active ASP ( advertising share package to recieve credits as a distributor).

You can fund your account using the avaliable processors in the members area. They use Solid Trust Pay, Egopay, Paypal and Liberty Reserve. Each processor has a set charge attached on top of the cost of your ASP purchase.

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