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    Default Cooperative Achiviement Plan -

    I am not the admin

    It's History In The Making
    Have we found the MISSING piece to the puzzle?

    ONLY 5000 Pre-Sale Units Being Offered.
    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by its history in the making.


    No need to find 2 people because you will have them "YOU"
    Monthly subscriptions that cost you NO OUT OF POCKET! UNHEARD OF!!
    Forced ReEntries to keep the progam progressing.
    Built in PIF fund
    Controlled cycling system for long term growth
    Its the residual income DREAM you have been waiting for.

    There is no other system out there that even compares.

    Purchase your ad packages. Members section and program is still a work in progress many functions are not available yet.
    Be sure to read the "HOW IT WORKS PAGE"
    Live Conference calls to be announced starting week of May 9th.

    Sign up at

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    Nothing fancy here just a plain text description of how it works!

    We are going to try to address the "HOW IT WORKS" in simple terms to understand so we are going to use terms involving going to school.

    This will make it fun and since this is a totally new concept, keep an open mind because this is how the "New Era of Internet Marketing" will begin...

    The most important feature of this new concept will be the importance of the 1st 5000 advertising units sold.

    The following information shows the basic overall concept in a nutshell.

    We will address it in a step by step simple formula

    Cost $84.95 per unit
    (includes one spot in the line and 2 perpetual incentive positions)

    Based on the goal of selling 5000 total units prior to launch this is what you're looking at...

    5000 units in a randomizer for placement these units can be owned by 5000 people if everyone only purchased one or just a couple thousand people buying multiple units

    Regardless lets assume we start with 5000 units sold (goal to meet) those are placed in the Cooperative Achievement Bonus compensation plan.

    Once those 5000 units are placed then the Perpetual Incentive Positions kick in so if you have 5000 units sold each unit receives (2) Perpetual Incentive Positions 2x5000=10,000 positions follow the initial 5000 units pushing the 5000 units through.

    Cycling has been taking place within those original 5000 units also.

    The 6 cycling levels each receive a forced reentry in the Freshman (or First) Level when someone cycles any of the levels, those reentries are placed in a queue to be added to the bottom of the matrix at random to control cycling times.

    When your units cycle level 5 or 6 you must then set up your first monthly subscription out of your earnings each time any of your units cycle level 5 and level 6.

    This keeps pulling in fresh money and creates consistent cycles.

    It also starts the entire process all over again from level one while your positions, that are already in, keep moving through the ranks.

    A PIF earning position will be establish early on in the unit placement this money will be used as follows:

    Once all Perpetual Incentive Positions are placed into the line a link to request pay-it-forward posiiton will be activated.

    Money from this special PIF position fund will be used to help others (in need of course)

    We will take people who can pay 1/4-1/2 or at least some of their purchase price first before we supply full entry.

    These will be full price positions and will create (2) more Perpetual Incentive Positions. Starting yet another process all over again.

    Freshman -- Reentry* -- Entry into Sophomore -- Member that cycles gets $25

    Sophomore -- Reentry* -- Entry into Junior-- $75 to member who cycles

    Junior -- Reentry* -- Entry into Senior -- $150 to member who cycles

    Senior -- Reentry* -- Entry into Associate-- $350 to member who cycles

    Associate -- Reentry* -- Entry into Bachelor -- $750 to member 1st subscription is set up for $84.95

    Bachelor -- Reentry* -- $3,000 to member -- 2nd subscription for $84.95 is set up

    First, you will purchase advertising for $84.95

    Each purchase entitles you to share in the ad revenue pool.

    Using the school approach, One position goes to Study Hall to wait for their classes to start.

    The people from Study Hall will be chosen at random to go to their freshman classes.

    The other two go to the library...

    Once all the Study Hall people are settled in to their classes, the people from the library will then be admitted to class at the freshman level.

    When someone cycles, they go to the gym to work off that energy they just stored up while working their way thru their freshman, more, etc levels

    When the first group begins to cycle, more and more people will be sent to the gym.

    Once the Library people are assigned to their classes (causing MORE cycling), they will also be forcing people to advance who will also go to the gym.

    Now that this is complete, all the people in the gym will be assigned back to the freshman level and the cycle continues.

    All placement is done AT RANDOM.

    Note: Cycling through the high school and college levels earn 6 reentries

    -- 1 on each level --

    Those reentries go to the gym.

    Adding the cycles Freshman-Sophomore-Junior-Senior you have earned $600 from your $84.95 ad package purchase.

    When you cycle Associate you earn $750 +your $600 = $1350 before setting up your 1st $84.95 subscription. No funds on Associate level will be released until subscription requirement is met.

    Bachelor level you will have earned from your advertising unit purchase at this point $1350 -your 1st $84.95 subscription and your initial $84.95 advertising unit purchase. Total $169.90= $1180.10

    Bachelor level reward $3,000

    You now set up subscription #2 $84.95.

    1180.10 + 3000.00 = $4180.10 - 2nd subscription $84.95 total for each advertising unit purchased = $4095.15

    By the time you cycle the bachelors level you will have, with one unit purchased, an additional 6 new spots coming through the ad line. With the 2 subscriptions you will have 10 spots coming through. those 2 subscriptions starts the entire process all over again.

    Re-entries do not have (2) Perpetual Incentive Positions included.

    By now, you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Your "homework" assignment will be to promote our advertising service to EVERYONE you know and even to those that you don't.

    Once your advertising service is purchased, your initial entry and progress thru the ranks is handled automatically

    Knowing this give YOU more time for Homework!

    This concludes this presentation, thanks for visiting!

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    Hello EveryOne,

    We now have 565 units purchased.

    I would like to share with you a email from a fellow member thanks for the vote of confidence for CAP and Us.

    Vicki and James,

    Personally, I am glad that I have the time to fund my STP acct.
    I just did that this morning, as I had a payday yesterday that
    allowed me to do that.

    I think several people who get paid bi-weekly are in the same
    boat. Once accounts have been funded, I believe the upgrades
    will happen quickly.

    I so appreciate this program, and am so glad that you are taking
    your time with the launch, as we have seen so many admins just
    launch totally unprepared, create chaos and losses for everyone.
    You are doing everything right, so I know this program will be a
    big success.

    God Bless You,

    Renee Trenda

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    25 per SPOT--- NOT UNIT folks. $84.95
    To earn a residual income and terrific payouts.
    A comment presented below is what will make us drive even harder to hit our goals.
    Because actually we have been looking UP since day one of this planning not DOWN!
    As we opened for pre-sales in CAP at the $75 level we actually were going to present it at double this level.
    And decided so EVERYONE could participate we would reduce it to 1/2 and once a few months of subscriptions kicked in and it was self perpetuating and EVERYONE was making good income we would then introduce the higher level and then you folks would really be set financially.
    So regardless of the entry fee yes 5000 units is our goal again I stress can we open with less? Yes but we do not want to.
    We want a program that works and a program that works out of the gate as planned.
    The problem is not totally the price point the problem is we do not have enough people YET actively promoting us. This week we will be giving you some homework places to advertise for free. If you want to help build with us take a few minutes out of your day to go to some of these sites. I know our Skype team has already got started they may even have posted this for you in our forum in your members section.
    I gave you a quick overview below of what the comp plan would change to if we dropped to the $10 per SPOT.
    You can compare it to your how it works page.
    And remember "The secret to building a successful team is not enrolling and sponsoring thousands of people yourself. Rather, it is developing and training the people you already have or finding one to work with you which finds one --so together you can enroll thousands of people." Spread the word of CAP we are different we are change it will work!

    Comment to the UTB Admin:

    Comment - Thought? If the cooperatvie achievment plan is the right plan way not do that on a
    smaller scale of $30.00 for starters plus administration fees. that would be 3 entries of $10.00
    etc. I do not know if you need 5000 purchases but would it work with 500 or so? I am sure you
    have plenty of ideas. God Bless on all your brainstorming.

    Freshman: Member gets reentry and $10 and placed in Sophmore

    Sophmore: Member gets reentry and $30 and placed in Junior

    Junior : Member gets reentry and $50 and placed in Senior

    Senior : Member gets reentry and $125 and placed into Associate

    Associate: Member gets reentry and $250 sets up first $39.95 subscription placed in Bachelor

    Bachelor : Member gets reentry and $1,040 and sets up 2nd $39.95 subscription

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    For those of you NOT receiving the UTB updates I am going to post it here.
    Mainly because Ken Russo and the gang has sold the most units here to help everyone
    Also this is a teambuild and they know how to move forward as a team and James and I are honored that they saw what we had visioned to happen with CAP
    So I feel everyone should at least follow their forum on the CAP building that they will and are doing
    May 17, 2011

    Greetings Everyone,

    As you read this message keep the following thoughts in mind. As the name implies,
    the purpose for a "feeder" system is to leverage a smaller amount of funds into a larger
    amount, a portion of which is used to gain entrance into the main program which for
    which the feeder system is designed.

    We believe that, with the new Cooperative Achievement Plan, we have found the program
    that provides an excellent long-term business model which can provide the residual income
    stream that everyone wishes to establish for themselves. Our newest UTB members may not
    be familiar with the CAP program and they can read all about it in the update section of our
    UTB Community Forum. Here is a direct link.....

    Please see the updates from May 5 - Part 1 and Part 2

    Many others agree with our assessment. The following comment is typical of many
    that are posted in the major forums....

    I have to say that I do not post very often here or anywhere else for that matter. However, I
    believe that CAP is the best activity with the greatest potential, that I have seen in the last few
    years. And guess what, it is here to stay. Now all we need is that launch in a few weeks time.
    Come on team this is something special.

    Forum link -

    We know that many of our members do not have the funds available to purchase a CAP
    unit. This is why we have chosen to move forward with the following feeder model. At this
    time I am pleased to announce the Ultimate CAP Feeder program. Please read carefully.

    The Ultimate CAP Feeder has been designed to accomplish 2 primary objectives...

    1. To empower our members to leverage a one-time spend of $27 into an amount that will
    allow them to purchase one unit ($84.95) in the CAP program.

    2. To empower our members to continue to earn income via forced re-entries into the feeder
    program, i.e., new positions which will continue to earn via a recycling process.

    Here is how the Ultimate CAP Feeder will work when the website is ready to go, hopefully
    in about one week.

    .....Upon the launch of the website, incoming members may purchase only one $27 position
    using AlertPay or SolidTrustPay. Family members may also purchase one position. If the family
    member does not have their own payment processor account they will be able to list the
    account of another family member.

    .....Additional positions (up to a maximum of 5) can be purchased after 24 hours has elapsed
    based upon the time/date stamp of your first purchase. Thereafter, members may purchase
    up to the maximum of 5 additional positions on a daily basis.

    .....The Ultimate CAP Feeder will utilize a straight-line structure. This means that incoming
    members are positioned underneath each other in a straight line. As incoming members purchase
    a position, the member at the top of the line cycles and receives $50 of which $25 is banked in
    his/her back office and the remaining $25 creates a new position at the bottom of the line.

    .....In order to accomplish our first primary objective discussed above, our first position will be
    allowed to cycle 4 times. Once it has cycled 4 times, there will be enough funds in your account
    to enter you in to the core program which is Cooperative Achievement Plan. At this point your
    original (very first position) is removed from the line leaving the position owner with the following....

    1. One paid unit in the Cooperative Achievement Plan

    2. About $15 banked in their back office

    The original position has served its purpose and is removed.

    .....When the second position (as well as any and all additional positions) has cycled 2 times the
    owner of the position will have $50 banked in their back office. At this time they must make a
    decision and select one of these 2 options....

    OPTION 1 - Request a withdrawal of the $50 to your payment processor. In other words, a
    cashout. If this option is chosen, the position has earned a 100% return and it is removed from
    the straight-line organization.

    OPTION 2 - Allow the position to continue to cycle 2 more times at which time the position
    owner will have earned $100 from this position. These earnings must be used to purchase another
    CAP unit and, once again, the remaining $15 remains banked in their back office.

    .....This process is repeated for all additional positions.

    Now, let's discuss the obvious inherent weakness of any straight-line structure. As new members
    join and cycle, the line gets longer. We understand that nobody will want to join if they believe that
    they will remain at the bottom of the line. Here is our chosen strategy to address this issue which
    consists of 2 features which we believe provides the highest level of fairness for all members.

    FEATURE # 1 - Every other week or two times each month, the straight-line will be reversed or
    flipped. This means that the person at the bottom of line will be at the very top of the line after the flip.

    FEATURE # 2 - Every other week or two times each month, the straight-line will be scrambled or
    randomized. This means each and every member has an equal chance to be positioned at or close to
    the top of the line.

    As a result of both features listed above, each week the straight-line organization will change thereby
    providing a level playing field for all members.

    The most important aspect of the feeder system is this.

    Each and every position earns $50 when it cycles. $25 is used to purchase another position
    (forced re-entry) at the bottom of the line.


    Here are comments from my fellow UTB admin members, Sandy Drew and Mike Leonard....

    I am very excited to hear that Ken is rolling out this CAP feeder program. It will give
    everyone the means to financially afford a CAP position and thereby set themselves
    up for a long term residual income! The structure of the CAP feeder is a very fair one
    in the fact that everyone will be offered a level playing field. So, it won't matter if you
    are the first in or the last! Also, this will be a totally automated program which will
    allow Ken and the admin team to be free to answer questions and offer support!

    We are very excited about our new cycler because we feel it will help you
    buy at least one CAP position fairly quickly and also give you a chance to
    make a little money on top of it. Couldn't be better.

    Here is a little clarity on a cycler that may help you. Unlike a typical matrix
    structure that is stagnant; in other words everyone stays in their same position.
    Therefore, payments can stop due to non-participation such as can happen
    with a gifting program. A cycler creates continuous upward motion as long
    as people keep coming in from the bottom. The automatic re-entry requirement
    has helped resolved the issue of the line stopping, because there are continuous
    re-entries coming in from the bottom. One problem that can become evident with
    cyclers is that the line can eventually get to long, therefore it can take a long time
    to move up from the bottom. These problems have been covered with our program
    as well:

    1: We will restrict the number of new positions to five daily.

    2: You won't get lost at the bottom of the feeder when we implement our
    "Bottoms Up" feature, we will reverse the bottom and top of the line every
    other week.

    3. The line placement will be very fair due to our "Scramble" feature, this
    means the line will be randomized every other week, it gives everyone a
    fair chance to move to the top.

    We're moving forward and looking to the future with you interest in mind.


    Finally, with regard to Q & A, all questions, comments, suggestions etc., must be posted
    at our UTB Community Forum. This way all of our members may benefit from the discussion
    and it frees us from having to respond to individual messages from our members, many of whom
    have the same questions. Here is the direct link to the Ultimate CAP Feeder discussion in our


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    These comments sum it up for all of us who are fortunate enough
    to be apart of CAP..don't you want to be associated with
    a group like this??
    Here are a few comments that members of CAP are saying...

    The owners of CAP truly care about all their members. Most admins that I've ever dealt with in the past would just blow me off and delete my support tickets or ignore them. That's why I am glad to be a part of CAP because I've worked with Vicki and James for years and they never once didn't try to resolve any problems. They always paid me on time and most of the time I was paid earlier than I should have been.

    I am very excited about Cooperative Achievement Plan and can hardly wait for the launch. i have so far purchased 4 units and intend to purchase another unit tomorrow. This is truly the ONE everyone has been waiting for. Thank you Vicki and James for making this happen!!!!!

    Most programs have no subscriptions and the program becomes dead in the water within a month most time in a matter of days
    Here you have subscriptions but you will have earned $1350 before you even have to set one up.
    No other program has that. Soemtimes you have to come out of pocket several months before you even get to close to cycling. sometimes you pay 4-6 months and still do not cycle at all. Many admin don't even bother with subscriptions cause they know a program won't last anyway so they just hope for the best and move on. We have never felt that way we have tried to figured out why ours quit working so that is why we got to work to see why and what the missing piece of the puzzle was.

    I am a very proud member of ALL of Vicki and Jame's programs. They have been the most supportive and honest Admins that I have ever worked with, and I believe that CAP will be the "Biggest Program" to ever hit the internet.

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    What is CAP?

    CAP is New-CAP is about change, much needed change. CAP is an online advertising business like one you have NEVER seen before.
    CAP has taken the things that has not worked in the past and overcome why a program stalls and cannot continue.

    You join CAP for a one time $84.95 which is one UNIT you receive 3 SPOTS in the Cooperative Achievement Plan. $25 each.

    One SPOT is entered in the first 5000 SPOTS. Your other TWO SPOTS are held in the LIBRARY.
    Once 5000 SPOTS from the 5000 UNITS sold are entered into the Cooperative Acheivement Plan those Library SPOTS 10,000 of them are released under those original 5000 SPOTS.

    Now THINK for a moment. 5000 SPOTS will create ALOT of cycling but think of what kind of cycling will take place when everyone who owns a unit has 2 more SPOTS entering the Cooperative Achievement Plan. 10,000 SPOTS as a matter of fact.

    Now if you think that is exciting. The cycling being created while these 15,000 SPOTS are cycling people are creating yet another major highlight of the CAP plan. Something that is called REENTIRES. For EVERY cycle on ANY level it creates a REENTRY into the Freshman level. These REENTRIES are held in the GYM to be released AFTER the 5,000 and 10,000 are entered.

    And IF that dosen't EXCITE you. A MAJOR highlight of the CAP plan is subscriptions at no additional cost to you these do not get set up until YOU have earned at least $1350. When these subscriptions start getting created during cycles 5 and 6 these subscriptions are creating what? They each are ONE UNIT which cause one SPOT to automatically go into the CAP line and TWO go where? Into the LIBRARY. When these subscriptions start kicking in what happens? They start to create MORE cycling which creates MORE cycles which creates MORE SPOTS in the GYM.
    And while all this is going on the CAP program will be in launch mode and opened up for even more advertising sales.

    Now want to hear something more? By the time you reach level 6 and your very 1st SPOT has expired and paid you over $4,000 you will have MULTIPLE SPOTS earned and working for you in the Cooperative Acheivement Plan. On that 1st SPOT alone (NOT UNIT) you will have 14 additional spots working for you. On ONE SPOT alone thats NOT your 2 additional spots and where they may be within the plan at that time.


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    Hello Team,
    Just to let you know we have been Alertpay CreditCard approved for the UTB /CAP feeder project.

    You can stay tuned to this project at the UTB Team forum. Links to the UTB forum will be listed below.

    Theres going to be many exciting announcements after the Memorial Day holiday so folks all I can say is get your purchases into CAP NOW please don't be waiting because failure is not an option with us and I have been behind the scenes working on many things and once James can get focused again after his lose we will be releasing alot of exciting info so you know you are ABSOLUTELY in the right place. And you will not regret coming on board EARLY in CAP.
    To date 613 units sold


    Link # 1 -

    This update is an introduction to our core program which is the Cooperative
    Achievement Plan.

    Link # 2 -

    This update provides complete details about the Cooperative Achievement Plan.

    Link # 3 -

    This update provides complete details about the CAP Feeder

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    Hello to all CAP members.

    I feel I have found the answer to the slow sales of our $84.95 CAP positions.

    No one wants this off the ground quicker and faster than James and I do.

    Then with a sudden loss in James family a week ago that has taken James away from any online duties at all and he could be tied up for another 7days.
    So while he has been gone I have been working on different ways that I could prove to others that CAP can work for the masses. And how do we do this and still keep growing the $84.95 sales?

    I would like to thank Mario Laurin a CAP member for all his suggestions to me that got my mind racing 100 miles an hour. His emails back and forth to me were amazing and I have used one of his suggestions but on a much broader angle. Thanks Mario its been a pleasure to get to know you.
    Yes the suggestion of a program for $39.95 was very attractive and that suggestion came from many members but I still feel we do not have enough promoters to even fill a $39.99 level.
    That is our #1 problem not enough people interested in what we have. Not enough people taking the time to understand CAP. Heck no one wants to understand change I found that out more in the last few weeks than I ever have in my 23 years online. I have been non stop contacting so many people on a daily basis that I was starting to doubt myself. Thought could I possibly have dreamed up this plan cause no one else seems to get it.
    So here goes the plan and the order that it will be released.

    We will release MiniCap as soon as James has time to get it up and online we will have a very simple website where you can go and purchase your (Are you ready?) $8 units.
    Yes you read it right $8 units!!

    Folks its as low as I could go. I didn't want to go $39.95 and then hear ahhh..I think we need to go to $24.95 etc. So we will start at rock bottom.
    While we are selling the 5000 units to Mini Cap. James will be doing the programming for the Mini Cooperative Achievement Plan.
    This Mini Plan will be exactly the same as the $84.95 version but it as you will see below will have (3) $8 subscriptions. It will have more than 1 reentry on some of the levels. By doing this it will cycle more and more people on that 6th level to earn more and more $84.95 positions into its Big Brother.
    It will have no PIF fund like the $84.95 version will. No need for PIF fund when the units are only $8.

    Here is where it gets exciting for anyone already in the $84.95 version and anyone upgrading in the $84.95 version.
    When the 5000 units for Mini Cap are sold we will give 72 hours for anyone else who wants to purchase into the $84.95 version.
    When that 72 hours is up we will randomize the $84.95 units giving all of you who joined CAP ($84.95 ) early.. very early placement then we will open Mini Cap and start placements there so any $84.95 positions earned will come behind your already purchased positions.
    Once the entire 5000 $84.95 units are sold we will then again randomize the rest.
    We feel we owe this to each and everyone of you who put your faith and trust in us throughout these last weeks.

    I am very pleased to introduce to you the MINI Version Of CAP

    $8 per UNIT 3 SPOTS per UNIT $2 per SPOT=$6 $2 for fees and costs

    Nursery School - (1) reentry into Nursery School and entry into Pre-School

    Pre-School - (1) reentry into Nursery school and entry into Kindergarten and $8 to the member

    Kindergarten - (2) rentries into Nursery School and entry into Elementary School $15 to member

    Elementary School- - (2)reentries into Nursery School and entry into Middle School -Set up first $8 subscription-$35.00 to member

    Middle School--(5) reentries into Nursery school- and entry into High School - Set up 2nd subscription for $8-$50 to member

    High School- (5) reentries into Nursery School-Set up 3rd Subscription for $8 (2) $85 units in Main CAP $215 to member

    So folks with the original CAP (84.95) and The UTB/CAP Feeder $27 and now Mini Cap I believe we have all the bases covered to move forward to offer the internet world every reason in the world to succeed with CAP no matter what your financial circumstance is today.

    Again be watching for updates on the UTB/CAP feeder for next week I am sure James will be updating you and also Ken in his forum.

    Mini Cap sign-ups and purchasing will be at least 2 weeks away unless we hear different from James.
    Launch for CAP or Mini CAP will depend on the units sold.

    Vicki and James

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    Mini CAP Sales OPEN NOW

    By popular request - Mini CAP payments are available
    Please login to your CAP members section
    Click Purchase
    Accepting Alertpay Only for Mini CAP

    When recruiting new members to Mini Cap
    You will use your Main CAP URL

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