Bidify is Bidsson’s online global marketing division, where Affiliates can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail Bid they sell, and every Sample Bid they purchase that are used by Bidsson’s customers.

How does Bidify work?

As a qualified Bidify affiliate you can purchase “sample bids”(positions). Every “sample bid” cost 1 Euro. Bidify will pay you an average 1.73% percent every day for every sample bid you purchase (This is the current percent. It can change either way. I assume it will get even bigger). Every sample bid pays you for 120 days and then it expires. It will actually pay you even more if you’ll reinvest your daily earnings in buying new positions. There are also “retail bids”. Retail bids are used to bid in auctions on Bidsson. As a Bidify affiliate you can buy Retaill bids in a cheaper price. It costs 0.8 Euro per retail bid.

What makes Bidify so sustainable?Bidify is not an mlm program and not a hyip program! Bidify is a penny auction website that sells products like: smartphones, Ipads, luxury watches and even cars!
50% of the earnings from the auction site are divided between its affiliates! (You and I).
Bidify does not rely on freshly deposited money from new members like all mlm program!
Bidify just pays 50 percent of its profits to its users! This way it is indefinitely sustainable even if no new member will join and deposit money!How much money can be earned with Bidify?

If you are a qualified affiliate then Bidify will reward you! For every “sample bid” (position) you’ll buy, Bidify will reward you according to its own profits. So the more Bidify will earn, the more you will earn. Up until now (16.07.2012): qualified affiliates got an average of 1.73% daily for every sample bid they bought. Every sample bid pays you for 120 days. No “restarts” or any other limitations. Great I know!
I have created a profit calculator to show you how much money can be earned with bidify.

What do I need to do in order to become a qualified Bidify affiliate?

There is a 100 Euro one-time fee you need to pay in order to join Bidify as an affiliate. Intimidating, I know. But you can earn these 100 Euros in a few days so there is nothing you should be worried about.
Every month there is an administrative fee which is being paid out of your Bidify account. The fee is of 20 Euro. Again, 20 Euro is nothing comparing to all the profits you can make.
Every month either you or your personally referred retail customers must buy Retail bids for 50 Euros, which can be used in Bidsson’s auctions. There are a lot of products to buy there. They even sell cars!!! :]]] As you can see Bidify is only for high payers.

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