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    Lightbulb Banners Broker -



    Banners Broker(BB) is a new concept to advertise your banners ads, increase your branding and sales, and earn money by selling advertising inventory.

    BB is different than other banner impression offerings because BB does the selling on your behalf! You will be paid on your impressions, and will be able to choose how best to monetize all of your remaining impressions.

    BB differs from other cyclers because we are product-based! The product is real and your banners will be advertised all over the world! You can even choose the continent, country, and category you want your ads to be displayed in!

    By Registering for FREE, you receive 200 FREE Banner Impressions. Promote any business you wish, and BB will blast out your banners!

    **Banners Broker has already paid out $1.1 Million in commissions and has sold over 284 Million Banner Impressions!**

    Join Banners Broker Today!

    1. Claim your 200 Banner Impressions by joining for FREE!
    2. Upgrade by buying a Banner Pack in order to enter the Banners Broker Marketplace! (This is where you will double your money)
    3. Sit back, relax and await the LIVE Doubling!
    There are 6 Banner Ad Packages ranging from the $20 "test the waters" package to the $3650 "knock it out the park" package in order to accommodate all levels of internet marketers.

    The first doubles are complimentary so the higher cost of your initial package, the more money you will earn when your ad panel doubles!

    When the first doubles are complete, we all need 2 sales to continue the doubling process. This forces money into the program and ensures Banners Broker's long term sustainability.

    Don't consider yourself a good seller? Don't worry!

    If you follow our plan below, you will create a true, no sponsoring passive income! You will never have to sponsor ANYONE and your money will double indefinitely!

    Join Banners Broker Today!

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    You can set up your No Sponsoring Passive Income Machine in 6 EASY STEPS!
    1. Create your Primary account and purchase a Package.
    2. You will have the option of setting your ad package to 100% re-invest or 50% re-invest. Set it to 100% re-invest! (Note: If you are confused, don't worry. BB walks you through purchasing process. If you are still confused afterwards, I will gladly point you in the right direction)
    3. Create 2 accounts UNDER your first account. Make sure you use the referral link of your Primary account for BOTH. (Note: each requires a different email address and username. Using the same AlertPay account for all 3 accounts is fine)
    4. Buy the same Ad package for both new accounts and set the ad packages to 100% re-invest! This completes a cycle and your money is doubled and re-invested!
    5. Now that you've cycled once, set the ad package in your Primary account to 50% and leave your secondary accounts at 100%
    6. Sit back and relax as your money doubles/cycles indefinitely
    Notice that in the second cycle, you switch your primary count to 50% invest. This is so that every time your money doubles/cycles, you are re-investing your original investment (so that it can double again) and you are withdrawing an amount of money equal to your original investment. The higher your package, the more money you will make!

    Remember that when the first doubles are complete, we all need 2 sales to continue the doubling process! This plan solves that problem by the two secondary accounts that you created will fulfill your primary account's requirement of having 2 sales to continue on doubling, and the 100% re-invest of your 2 secondary accounts will fulfill their account requirements of having 2 sales to continue on cycling!

    As you can see, this is a True NO SPONSORING opportunity that will provide you with a PASSIVE INCOME!

    Below is a depiction of how your genealogy should look! (Note: Any level Banner Ad Package will work. This example uses the mid-level Business Pack)

    Join Banners Broker Today!

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    Warning !

    "Banners Brokers SCAM Warning
    It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

    Note : If you are going to read this, please read the complete story before reaching conclusions. This post is my own personal experience with Banners Brokers and everything written here is just my personal opinion.

    SHARE with others.

    Things are worst than what I thought and Banners Brokers is Doing It Wrong. They have since forever been having Payment issues which is the most important aspect of a program as everyone joins to get paid.

    As I reported in the back dozens of times their Advertising doesn’t really exist, it simply doesn’t work and if consider it to be working, what you get for the price would be far less compared to what you get everywhere else.

    This post is a warning and contains suggestions on what you should do to be safe with Banners Brokers as they are starting to Rip-Off lots of members and that is primarily due to the Money Issue as my upliner confirmed they had.

    Click on next page below to read detailed information on each of these issues and what is going on with Banners Brokers, my experience and what is happening to others.

    On the next page you can find “What Is Really Happening” and in the last page the “Solution”….

    What Is Happening!

    Banners Brokers is locking members accounts, they can say the reason for this are various like I will explain below but in the end it doesn’t make sense. Reach your own conclusion.

    Banners Brokers started as a Straight Line Cycler / Doubler and even the cheap banners they had in their backoffice made with a Free banners brokers suggested that. Some of the top members in the program came up with a “Strategy”, to earn Unlimited Income with Banners Brokers and Double your money without referring others, one of these was Ian Driscoll (One of my upliners).

    Everyone joined Banners Brokers as a Passive Income program and they were more than happy to let people know that. The strategy was based on the same person registering multiple accounts, they always neglected the fact that members were creating multiple accounts but as they moved to BBv2.0 they made an option called something like “Almagate”. The goal of this option was to Merge all of your accounts together.

    So there goes the first trick. They claim people can’t have multiple accounts but they made an option so people can merge their tens, hundreds and some even thousands of accounts.

    They grew bigger and bigger and decided to get rid of the Doublers Term, the Passive Income, The Cycler and claim they were an advertising company. To do this they had to clean their image and remove all of the advertising on the internet that has anything to do with that.

    In their new terms everyone had to remove all of their advertising that contains such words or their account would be locked.

    In the meantime they were always having problems with :

    Payment Members on time – Payments have always been late, some for over 10, 20 and even 40 days. Whenever you asked support about it, they basically told you to ‘f*** off and wait’.

    The Advertising Platform is a fake – Everyone knows this as I never recommended their product. When you buy Advertising Package you don’t get any advertising at all, I received around 60,000 Banners Views in 1 year (12 large months), which I normally get in 1-3 DAYS using other real advertising companies, so here instead of 3 days I am waiting 365 days to reach the same results.

    Account Locked (All Commissions Stolen)

    First this is not the same time this happens to me. I am a very hard working member and in the past companies changed their policies and terms and you ended up having lots of ads that were “Outdated“, not that I was promoting in the wrong way, just that the Ads are no longer valid so it collides with their new ‘image‘.

    My account at Banners Brokers is Locked and Admin keeps all the commissions because I have some Advertising that is outdated. In order for me to unlock my account I had to remove this content and contact them once that happens.

    They locked my account about 4 times in Total and each and every-time I removed the outdated information. The ‘Ads‘ were forum posts and all of them were not meant for advertising instead discussion and once requested all these posts were removed, each time they unlocked my account successfully, without problems or complaints.

    Now the question is really simple. Why would they not unlock my account now? Even after the term they don’t endorse are now gone.

    They don’t accept certain claims, words or terms used on Advertising and I wasn’t doing that, the forum posts were not something that I was doing now instead years old post. If I were to go out now and promote as passive income using all sort of methods then I understand but that isn’t the case.

    When it happened to me alone, I wasn’t that surprised and it was OK, but then I learned of other members getting their accounts locked and all funds stolen, so this made me think the obvious based on past experience and that is that the company is looking to safe money in whatever way possible. All these accounts are from “Active” members that promote to others and grow their business. Another similarity in these account is the fact that they are all in profit, no money goes in only out, bottom line a burden to the program. These accounts are all locked now.

    They never reply to the support tickets nor give an explanation why these accounts are locked. They clearly state in my case “Remove / Edit content to reinstate your account“, after that step is done they simply stop replying to you.

    I’ve seen this another 4 times in the past and all the companies that resorted to this same measure, all DIED.

    I am not saying that Banners Brokers will go broke tomorrow but it might happen soon. My upliner Ian Driscoll confirmed that they were having money problems and that is the logic reason why payments take from 30 to 50 days (sometimes) to be processed while their official pending time is a maximum of 10 days.


    The trick is simple. So far Banners Brokers has been good to me and I earned a nice sum of money coming out of very, very small investment (one of the reasons why they locked my account) and the most important My Referrals (Team Members) are doing well.

    What you should do is the following in order to be safe and avoid loosing any money with them.

    1. If you are in profit – Then great, you need to do nothing. Just withdraw whatever amount you feel comfortable with and play with the rest. Do Not Re-invest or Invest any large sums of money.
    Don’t be greedy. Keep your earnings and just play with the profit.

    2. If you are not in profit – Take your money out FAST. Great your initial investment out, double your panels and hit withdraw, once you break even you can keep on playing with whatever you have left, you will be glad you did this.

    3. If you are not yet a member – Don’t join Banners Brokers, the risk is too high. I admit that the company can last another year or even more but they can also be gone tomorrow or they can aswell choose to Lock your account and keep the money.

    Bottom Line

    Play it safe and take your initial investment out. WITHDRAW NOW and then play with the profit.

    Think of it this way. YOU DON’T LOOSE ANYTHING BY WITHDRAWING, it is actually the other way around, as soon as you WITHDRAW you are winning.

    I had a nice ride with Banners Brokers but they ‘betrayed me’ :-P
    After a long year working to build and grow their business, give them exposure they reply back with no excuse and nothing more than all work, commissions, contacts, all gone.

    For that reason I don’t recommend Banners Brokers to YOU or Anyone because this is not how you treat your hard working Members / Affiliates.

    If you don’t agree with me I respect that but you might aswell want to respect my point of view if you don’t’ agree with it.

    Comments are welcome from all sides. I have over 260 Direct Referrals there and thousands of members down the line.

    Quick Update

    Right after making this post public about Banners Brokers and the way they treated me and other members I was finally offered help by Ian Driscoll to restore my account.

    Only after I made this post, at the beginning he just told me to send an email to support and basically to get lost.

    As you can clearly see I rejected that offer because I thought it would be more important to put this information out there. My account was already making several hundreds dollars minimum, every month but giving you this info is more important to me.

    Someone mentioned in the forum the Banners Brokers Payout Stats.

    Yes they claim they paid over $100,000,000usd but as you might know already these stats are fake, here is my comment on this issue.

    By strosdegoz on the MMG forum.

    The payout stats calculate all the cycles, earnings and commissions that are automatically reinvested into the program and not the money going into members pocket.

    So if you put in $20usd and it doubles to $40, you will have only $20 available for withdrawals minus all the fees but in the Payout stats you would see $40usd.

    Now if you choose to reinvest the $20 over and over over the Payout stats would still keep on increasing by $40 each time your panel doubles even if you never withdraw.

    So if at some point you decided to withdraw $4,000 the payout stats from your efforts alone can be over $10,000

    They know this and this might be one of the reasons why they are removing it now.

    Also because the stats are fake.

    Another thing is their “Corporate Office”. Their address DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL.

    Make your own choice. You can join Banners Brokers and profit from it, but don’t take it as a real business with unlimited income streams.

    WITHDRAW everything you can NOW and play with your profit.

    Refund Policy

    Banners Brokers has a refund policy. You can take advantage of that if you are one of those asking how to get out.

    Banners Broker International (referred to as Banners Broker hereafter) offers a thirty-day money back guarantee on our products. Upon cancellation of your purchase, you will be entitled to a refund provided the cancellation occurs within thirty days of your purchase. There will be no exceptions for refund under any other circumstance.

    You can find the original post and all the details @

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