Brand new, red hot Cycler based on the small, fast moving 2x2 matrix and a straight line engine.

Buy in: one time fee of $25. Payment processor: Alertpay.

Payouts: weekly.

Payout for: a completed cycle: $50 + re-entry position in the matrix, referral bonus: $5 for every account, special bonus: $5 each time your direct referral will cycle (on the original and re-entry positions).

Because of the straight line build it doesn't matter who refers new Members as the script moves forward and every account in the line cycles with the Program's growth. has been launched just 2 weeks ago so this opportunity is still VERY attractive. Only 6 people are needed to complete a cycle. With 1 position created each time by a re-entry record only 5 new people are needed. That's why it moves forward so quickly. You should check it out today!