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    Default Bidify Penny Auction ( Daily Profit Sharing!!!) 1.5% per day Free to SIGN UP!!!!

    Bidify has a great pay out structure (15 level deep Uni-Level)
    In Bidify you only need 6 on your 1st level to max out the pay plan
    Bidify has 15 LEVELS of Fast Starts
    With Bidify you do Not need to place a Daily ad!
    Bidify is a debt free company
    Bidify pays 5% commissions on 3 levels of all affiliate sample bid
    purchases on all the three paid subscription levels (excecutive,
    premium and platinum)
    Bidify pays 25% commissions on customer bid purchases.
    Included in Bidify paid subscription is a Towah Bidify branded
    Mastercard debit card
    With Bidify you can sent money with an SMS to any other Towah
    member in seconds!
    Bidify pays instantly , get paid daily!
    In Bidify you can turn off compounding and take out ALL cash
    when you wish
    Bidify and Bidsson are based in Iceland and Germany
    Bidify pay out all money in Euros
    Bidify has a very user friendly back office and front end website
    Bidify website provides simple explanation with readable
    Bidify will provide all paid members with a FREE state of the art
    front end Marketing and Management System included in montly
    The value on the montly Bidify subscription exceeds the actual
    cost of €50.

    In Bidify there are six different ways of earning cash rewards.*

    Bid package purchases through by your personally
    referred customers.
    Personally referred affiliates sample bid purchases through Bidify.
    Down line affiliates sample bid purchases through Bidify.
    Personal sample bid purchases.
    One-Time bonus on personally sponsored
    Down line affiliates subscription purchases.
    Monthly bonuses on personally sponsored and down line affiliates
    monthly subscriptions.

    Bidify FREE Affiliate Subscription

    25% Retail commissions on personally referred customers
    bid package purchases in Bidsson
    Affiliate commissions in Bidify
    Towah™ Members Club Account
    25 Retail bids bids to use in the Auction Site
    5% bid purchase bonus on personally referred affiliates
    Can upgrade to any subsription level to participate in the
    Bidsson profit pool by purchasing and giving away bids
    to Bidsson customers

    Please enjoy the Video it covers Free Affiliates info and goes into bid

    *All bonuses are paid real-time, and made available immediately. You
    can use earned commissions to pay for subscriptions, Buy Sample Bids**
    or simply withdraw cash to your personal Towah™Mastercard® Prepaid
    card which is included in your subscription package.

    **Sample Bids = Bids given away as samples to customers,
    used to bid at auctions.

    It will be Fun and Rewarding and the Timing is right,
    it’s the Beginning!

    Please visit:

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    GOing LIVE!!!!!! Free to sign up!!!

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