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    Default Go forth & multiply-Quickly!!

    I want to introduce you to a great 'Gifting Program'.
    Simply go to this website and WATCH the Movie, read over the site content and complete the FORM - if you are interested.
    The Key is!!! Go forth and multiply - Quickly!! Ideally, get two people to join at the WealthGenie website within 48hrs. :o)
    Just send people to to VIEW the Movie and if they are keen (if they WILL find two people for themselves), they sign-up through the Genie's website.

    Then, they just watch their emails for who to send their $150 'gift' too - and...(this is the Key!) Quickly find their own two people to join.
    FYI... if everyone signs up their two people within 48hrs, we would go through the Matrix very quickly and it is possible to receive a total of $139,050 in a 3 month period - in a perfect world. Genie's Movie explains it all.
    Anyway, it sure is incentive to move quickly, to ensure we make the $GIFTS MOVE QUICKLY$ too.


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    You are invited to join our Team for FREE and you’ll be placed on level 1 and then you make a “one off” gift of $150.00.

    Tell 2+ people about the program just like everyone else. As you start to move up your board, you will eventually get to the top position and you will receive 8 x $150 = $1200.00 direct to you, not to a company, no waiting for the money – it’s YOURS!

    From your $1200.00 you move UP and join the $500 board and you gift $500 to the member in the number 1 position. You also re-enter yourself in Level 1 of the $150 board, the NETT balance of $550.00 is yours

    Once you reach the top your $500 board you will receive 8 x $500 = $4000.00 + the $1200.00 from the $150 board again. Simply repeat the process...

    What we our doing is working as Team so it’s a simple follow the leader principle!

    So go to fill in the form & get started Invite ID is Deguvnor!

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