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    Default Just Launching...Need One Person.

    About World Light (a must read)


    I want to personally thank your for
    reading my email - and I am sincere!
    I will not waste your time.

    Welcome to World Light where you
    can Step Into the Light and
    Watch Your *INCOME EXLPODE*!

    *Hurry, the gurus are running
    this out to their list after each
    of their interviews - This Helps You!

    Right Now, you can get in this and
    *BENEFIT* from all of the work that
    the "Big Hitters" do because of the
    mechanics of the dynamic comp plan, [NAME]!

    Get these highly sought-after
    Internet MiIIionaire Interviews by the
    legendary consultant David Preston.

    You will get one new internet mi!!ionaire
    interview per month for much less than
    the normal Two to Five T*housand Bucks
    per interview - not even the discounted
    p rice of $397 or $289 - Nope, Just 59.00 bux!

    Also get 10.00 for everyone you sign up
    each and every month and 10.00 for
    each purchase of the 2-Ebook or 12-Ebook
    Packages that they make!

    Just google Legendary Consultant, and
    you find David Preston. Listen as he interviews
    the biggest names on the net and has them
    explain how they got started and how it is
    they make a *FORTUNE ONLINE*
    - what works and what doesn’t!

    I hope you had a chance to go through
    the website thoroughly! This program is
    very exciting, indeed!
    (Get $10.00 from all of your members purchases every
    month - and from every additional purchase
    they make of the 2-Ebook or 12-Ebook Packages.
    If they subscribe, that it 10 bucks per month
    from all subscribers!)

    World’s best e-products - Internet Millionaire Interviews monthly
    with *HUNDREDS* of ebooks and S.E.O. help and resources!

    They are saying that this will be the next Dot-Com Giant!

    We are *HERE* to Stay!

    Also note the progression of the stages
    for each of the *BUSINESS CENTERS*
    in the 100 Spillover Straight Lines Matrix
    (you get a *FREE ENTRY* with each 59.00 pur chase)
    in the Stages Matrix!

    Get your spot today and become part of the Team!

    Page eight of the pdf file on the
    *MARKETING PLAY* shows the straight-line
    matrices - please review closely!
    (Or hit *BBC POWER*on the
    *MARKETING PAGE* of the website.)

    Also note that they will be *PAYING* the
    equivalent of 10% of your in*come produces
    by the Stages cycling and given to the
    charity of your choice! (This will be
    F*unded by the C*ompany - not affecting
    your In*come!)

    Remember that there are 2 entirely separate
    and independent straight-line matrices!

    The two different ways to get started!
    We encourage you to get the $347 entry
    for the Archiving Interviews!

    You can also sign up for $59
    and get a new Internet Millionaire Interview
    each month (without the archives).

    Each 59.00 p.urchase includes an entry each
    month in the Stages Matrix and 2 ebooks.

    You can get them individual each month or
    go ahead and subscribe and get all of them
    as they are entered.

    You can get the entire archive - back to
    March 2011, (with archiving in the backoffice)
    for the pur chase of $347.00 ~ !
    (Best Value)
    (This includes a Jumping Stage in the Stages
    Matrix and an Option Entry in the ‘Triple Option’
    Matrix! (That comes with 12 Ebook download also!)

    Each 59.00 p.urchase includes an entry each
    month in the Stages Matrix and 2 ebooks.

    The bigger entry ($347 - then $59 monthly) will
    give you an Option Entry in the Triple Option
    Matrix and 12 Ebooks for the first month
    and 2 ebooks monthly.
    **Plus A New Super Guru Interview each month and
    they are archived for you in the backoffice.
    **Plus the Jumping Stage in the Stages Matrix
    each month you are actively subscribed!

    E conomies are collapsing, prices are soaring,
    and the needy are suffering. Let's all do something
    about all of this. Let's get you started today and
    help yourself, others and the needy also!

    Can you think of a better plan or a better time!

    Remember that everyone works together in
    World Light and no one is left behind at
    all in World Light.

    Step into the Light at World Light
    and Watch Your *INCOME EXPLODE* ~ !

    I personally thank you for reading this email
    and wishing you much suc*cess!

    Thomas Nishiyama
    Excited Member of World Light!
    [email protected]

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