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NeocashRobot is simply a single-line matrix investment pool. When the Investment Pool reaches an amount greater than or equal to 150% what the top person needs to be paid off, the person at the top gets paid and the next person moves up.

* You receive up to 150% returns on your investment purchased
* No Sponsoring required to Earn
* Everyone gets paid alike. Everyone is a WINNER!
* Receive Quality Advertising for Each Purchased.
* No Deposit or Withdrawal Fee.
* Fast Payout (Within 24 hrs)

Guaranteed 30 Days Weekly Refund

We are offering 100% Refund. If you cycle Spots are not cycled in 24 hrs, Your Sopts will be moved to Refund Are and You will get 25% Weekly for 4 Weeks. Total 100% Refund in 30 Days.

Referral Commissions

You will never be required to promote our programs in order to earn a significant and growing income. However, those who do choose to help us to expand our membership, will be generously rewarded. Every time your recruits purchase shares, YOU WILL EARN 10% commission .

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