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    Default All In One Profit. (AIOP)

    Not opened to the public, not even in pre-launch !

    Just Opened by Invitation ONLY !
    Already spreading with lightning speed!
    A real financial blessing going world-wide.

    The Perfect Compensation Plan !
    Never done Before in this industry

    Did you ever dream To Be Paid
    to Use the products and services ?
    This is YOUR CHANCE !
    WE pay YOU to use OUR Products

    What you get for ONLY $10 membership:
    ...100% payback commission
    ...$10 for each basic referral
    ...(Upgraded levels will be added)
    ...Break Even with your First referral
    ...Unlimited Residual Income

    1) Professional Double Opt-in Auto responder
    with unlimited campaigns
    2) First Class quality hosting with :
    - 500 MB disc space
    - 5GB bandwidth
    - Unlimited Domains
    - Unlimited Subdomains
    - Unlimited emails
    3) Excellent Tracker system
    4) Rotator
    5) Downline builder
    6) Text and Banner advertising.
    7) Team Build option

    Lots of easy tools to download
    More products are coming soon.

    All In One Profits sign up

    Finally, the right everything is in place
    to make Staggering $$$$$ .

    Get in this Now and Get it out to Others

    Before they Get it out to you .

    All In One Profits

    To Your Success,
    Carol Rivet

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    I got one new member this week Zeljko and he got a new sign up also!!

    Congrats Zeljko and Welcome Jay!

    If you want to try AIOP and you want the splash page and auto-responder w/ messages set up for you
    than just send me an email and I will set it all up for you. All you will need to do is surf traffic exchanges
    and assign credits.. and you will get sign ups too.

    AIOP is only $11.5 to join using alertpay.. if anyone needs a transfer from STP or paypal to their Alertpay I can do that too.. just let me know

    Special offer.. If you are going to send 1000 hits a day to your link then email me .. I will pay for your AIOP until you are in profit.. and I will set this all up for you . All You will need to be is a heavy traffic exchange surfer for this.. I will add a tracker to your link to make sure you are sending your hits

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    I just got another referral!! I Love AIOP it has a great auto-responder and an even better commission plan

    You just referred a new member to All In One Profits.

    Trevor C. joined with you as sponsor.

    This new member is passed up to tyroni.
    (The next one you keep)

    Adminstrator All In One Profits

    So Trevor will be passed up to my sponsor.. but I am still here to help no matter what..
    and the next referral is mine and I earn $10..

    We keep all odd number referrals (Trevor was number 2) and the even referrals are passed up to your sponsor.
    Then the referrals that are odd or called "fixed" to us.. we get all their even referrals passed up to us.

    just take a minute and listen to the compensation program.. it is better than NPN , Trafficwave or any other..

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