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    Default New doublers:

    New doublers:

    Welcome on
    Discover how YOU will double YOUR money Today !!!

    How does it work?

    Double Money system is simply a single-line matrix. In our 200% line every time 2 shares are purchased, the person at the top gets paid and the next person moves up.

    For Example: You purchased a share in $50 and you are at the top position #1. If someone purchases 2 shares after you, you will be paid $100 (you have made a profit of $50). You will then be removed from the top position and the second person in the line will be moved up to replace you at the top. It is possible to cycle many times a day with the right amount of promotion and Teamwork.

    Your spent money won't go anywhere; all money is stored in a private LibertyReserve account.
    Our site is made to be as simple to use as possible for the common computer user. We have designed our script to best suit you!
    You need a minimum of $1.25 on your LibertyReserve account to start.

    How do you purchase a spot on the list?
    Go to our Spots page and click "BUY SPOT", you can buy as many as you like, no limit, you'll receive 200% back on your purchase paid directly into your account.

    $1 + $0.25 BUY SPOT

    $2 + $0.50 BUY SPOT

    $3 + $0.75 BUY SPOT

    $4 + $1.00 BUY SPOT

    $5 + $1.25 BUY SPOT

    $6 + $1.50 BUY SPOT

    $7 + $1.75 BUY SPOT

    $8 + $2.00 BUY SPOT

    $9 + $2.25 BUY SPOT

    $10 + $2.50 BUY SPOT

    Date: 3/6/2011 9:15 PM
    Batch: 56661101
    Sent To: U5802791 (DoubleMoney)
    Amount: $2.50
    Memo: *****
    Date: 3/6/2011 9:35 PM
    Batch: 56661634
    From Account: U5802791 (DoubleMoney)
    Amount: $4.00
    Memo: Buy 2 $ Spot to *****

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    Processor: LibertyReserve
    Date: 03/07/2011 11:45
    Batch: 56693856
    From: U7648893 (F-Monitor)
    To: U5802791 (Double
    Amount: $10.00
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