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    Exclamation ICCycle - BRANDNEW

    Come check out ICCycle - This was TOO Good Not to Share!
    No PreLaunch! No Leaders Invited Before YOU!

    Small 2X2 Matrix - Only a Team of 6 needed!
    Cycle Up Each Level Until YOU Get to TEN!
    $9000 in Earnings from ONE $5 Positions!
    Why Not Take TWO (or 3)!

    Earn up to $9000 from each position!
    Sponsors earn 33% Sponsor Bonuses on 9 Levels!
    Company Pays out 100% on ALL 10 Matrix Levels!
    That is Right 100% Total Payout - Unheard Of!

    6 Positions IN - 1 Can Cycle and Add Another Position to the Matrix!
    Only FIVE Bucks One Time - No Monthly Payments!
    Easy to Add Members to YOUR Downline!

    Too much to say - check it out for yourself today!

    My BrandNew Blog

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    Wow... This will be HUGE!!

    Here are the last News from CCycler Admin:

    Update from Mike at ICCycle - all I can say is WOW!

    That is all I have to say! - What a busy 1st 24 hours!

    Not what I expected when I launched this just to members!

    Almost 500 signups.
    43 members cycled to DOS level - many of those cycled more than once! One account cycled to DOS 7 times in one day!! Even member 204 has cycled!
    5 members cycled to TREIS - 3 of them more than once.
    1 position cycled to CUATRO!! I definitely did not expect that in the first day.

    I am just sending out a quick thanks to those who joined, upgraded and promoted.
    We even have a couple of teambuilds already - another record for me - 2 in the first day!!

    I think I have everything up to date - let me know if you are missing anything.

    I will be starting a list of members who want to be PIF'ed for if anyone needs members to pay for.
    Make sure you contact your sponsor first to see if they want to Pay it forward for you.


    Hey Guys... This costs only 5$ One-Time-Payment and we are here in the beginning... Come on and let us earn Money!!

    We can start a Teambuild if you wish?!

    Best Regards


    My BrandNew Blog

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