Why 2x2 Cycler?

It is s pretty simple really, We've taken a price point that absolutely everyone can afford, $10 Bucks, combined it with a series of very small, easy2cycle 2x2 matrices and set up the internet's first ever Progressive Cycling System. By adding a *No Brainer* product package together with a ton of other fast cycling features that all but ensure members success.

How long does it take to cycle for $20K?

The answer to this question will be different for everyone in L2P. BUT, If it takes 6 months, 1 year, or even 2 to turn 1 single $10 Bill into 200 $100 Bills, ($20,000), It is worth it. SO the correct answer is "Who Cares how long it takes", That is the best $10 bucks you could ever spend in your life!!! Get in and get it started!!!

Progressive Cycling = Progressive Earnings!!

Although $20,000 is the ultimate prize in L2P, it is not the only money you can make here. Every time you close a cycle you earn money. Every higher cycle pays more than the last progressing to the one single cycle that pays $20K. There are a total of 10 separate cycles that all pay higher amounts the more you progress through the system, AND many of them can be cycled repeatedly as you progress to the $20K.

What is "Progressive Cycling"?

There are several other programs running back to back 2x3 compensation models. The problem is 2x3's take 14 people to cause a cycle, and in all honesty, most people can not fill a 2x3. The truth about 2x2's is they cycle fast and easy because all it takes is you, getting2 who get 2 and you cycle. That is only 6 people in L2P to start our Progressive Cycling System.

Want help cycling L2P? No Problem!!

*Spillover - Your uplines referrals can land on your front line.

*Spillunder - Your front lines new sign-ups will land on your payline.

*Pay It Forward System - Help others join L2P by using your cycle earnings from L2P.

*Drill down Matrice Viewer - View matrices below you to stratagize member placements.

*Add a Referral - From your back office guaranteeing correct placement.

*Advertising Coop - No time to advertise, we offer monthly coop campaigns

*Random Referrals - Any un-referred sign-ups are distributed to you the members.

*Buy Guaranteed SignUps - Even those that can't refer now can successfully build in L2P.

What are you waiting for?

Leverage2Prosperity is the Hottest System on the internet today, join now before you have what should be your referrals sending you their L2P Sign-Up Links.


Best Regards