Hyperdrive Cycler is a straight line cycling program with a difference. The cycling lines are constantly reevaluated by the system to keep them in constant motion so that you will always be making the most money as fast as possible. The person at the top gets paid and the entire list below moves up every time new positions are bought or external income is paid to the lines by the admin or system.

Everyone that joins the same membership level as you - after you- helps move you to the top. It amounts to EVERY person that upgrades or recycle, pushes the #1 person out and moves the line up. This is one of the quickest cyclers on the internet and everyone will get paid over and over again. Our automatic reinvestment lines are designed to spin around and bring everyone to profit fast.

Credit and Debit cards are accepted directly through a merchant account facility and we also accept Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, and e-Check

Invest between 25 - 50 $ , return - 110% - 220 %