I'm not the admin.

NEW.....IN PRE LAUNCH....From the admin of Wealth Share Club!!!


Welcome To Krazymoneymaker

We will open our Lines when we get between 750 to 1500 members.
You will get a early notice about the launch date and time.

We are rewarding our members, with a huge 15% referral commission!

We start with 2 Levels, $8 and $30.
Before you can buy in the higher lines, you Must buy at least 1 in the $8 Line!!

There is no auto reinvesting when you cycle, that's only building up huge lines,
and we don't want that!

These Lines should appeal to the majority's pockets..

Our intention with this site, is that you can Start at low Level and build your way up.

How much you want to invest is up to you, but all is limited to Max 10 spots pr Line.
So you can never have more than 10 Active spots during the first 2 hr.
This with the 140% fast cycling speed, will make this program a real fast earner.

Depending on how many members who join and invest, we plan to open 2 lines
a little higher than the latest lines. Every 7 or 14 days on Wednesday.
This way its a fair chance for all to build there way up, so they can afford the new lines.

Admin will invest a portion of the income into the older lines.
We will start all lines with 2 Admin spots, who will go directly into buying into the older lines!!

We will activate new purchases at different times a day, and its activated manually to secure the system.