The Miracle of MLM is Born,

Can you Imagine a month after month Income form the same genealogy without an auto ship?
Ha ha --- Sounds Insane ??

Yes My friend I even thought the same Way when I had received the Invitation from my friend.
But my friend as I understood the Compensation module I got the shock of my life (a pleasant one though). It was too good to be true. Yes we all can build up a Monthly Income without and auto ship (any monthly charges that we have to pay month after month). This is a long and a tiring journey generally and most of the people get tired of building a huge long term residual income. But my friend through the Keionics compensation plan this journey will be a pleasant and enjoyable one for All of Us.

The experts have arranged it in such a manner that we will be earning from the very start and that too 50% of the total subscription amount (no where else) after your first referral, and then from your very first referral (for which you are not paid) you enter into the cyclers where we can earn repeated loads of money (600, 3000, 15000 and 50000) with just a manageable team of 12 people from our directs and their directs only. The beauty of these cyclers is that it is based on the principle of follow me (all your team follows you again and again – not like the other contemporary board plans in the market where our team is split and with time becomes unmanageable). Now this is very good money?? Isn’t it? Not only this, we also will be enjoying the rewards of the Entire Global team and will be getting our share from the Global Royalty pools also month after month, once we qualify for it.

As for the products – that service is again an incredible one!! You can get up to 65%discounts on the hotel bookings which is No where else in the world. Again sounds too good to be true!! You will be Savings on your travelling while earning handsomely and building your residual income both at the same time. Not only this, the Membership Back office is loaded with Tons of useful information, entertainment, education and updates that we all require in our daily life. The best part my friend in this is that we will be helping the old age people who are in distress and paying homage to our elders.

This is Simply Great and I love it now. I will like you to also go through it once and give it a deep thought. If you have any doubts or queries do feel free to ask me.

All I can say that I have started my voyage to make my self Recession Free and would like you to do the same by enjoying the instant incomes while building up a perennial residual Income for yourself.

All the very best for your life to come!!

Best Regards