Reverse Pension Program

Current project is available for every individual members (companies not allowed). This is a reverse pension / life insurance program. We have been authorized by the banks and the insurance companies to obtain the number of beneficiaries necessary to go through with this project. The number has been set to 50,000. This is the main reason for us to come out in a forum like this, otherwise we wouldn't have done that. That number would be verry dificult obtain using normal working methods.

The fee has been set to $60 per contract. You should pay this when the payouts starting, so there's no pre-fee! You can't lose nothing. This fee required to successfully complete the project. Each member will have the possibility to hold 10 contracts. After we reached the required number of contracts, we can pay $50,000 per positions. It's will take 8-12 weeks from the program begin.

The registration process has already started. You must sign up on the site to participate in the project. Please select that, how many contracts you want to buy. You can do this on the registration form. Don't forget, now you should not pay the contract fees! It's only required when we reached enough member to create 50,000 contracts. After it's done, every member will get the payment details and the contracts to their mailing address. The payouts will take 8-12 weeks. Please help us, and use the Facebook like button on the registration page!

We also have a one time commission program. It's offering $500 after every successfully invited member. We can pay after 10 invited members. It's important to know that you can get this commission after your first level. Please be advised that isn't an MLM company. We can't working like a multi level system because the banks and the insurance companies will determine our project. This amount will be paid with the contract bonuses. So, please invite your family, firends and your acquaintances too, because the project can start be earlier if everyone inviting a few peoples. After you registered on the site, you get your personal referral link by e-mail. Please use this link for inviting.

This is a long term project which worked correctly for other companies too. The reverse pension / life insurance is a 30 years old model. We can't complete this program alone. Our members will ensure the project. Please note that, we just need you nominally! You'll not get any obligation and nothing will be on your name. It's giving a great wealth for you and us too.

We'll send a data conciliation e-mail to each members. There you should enter your address where we can send the contracts. You'll get two contracts. The first is the insurance contract and the second is the resign contract. So you'll sign in the insurance and you'll take a resign to us. This resign contract ensure that, you'll be not the insurance premium payer and the beneficiary too. As you can see, you can't get any obligation from this program.

After you sent back the signed contracts for us, we can take a loan to this insurance which is now in our name. The loan giving the opportunity to pay out our clients. This loan will be on our name and we will be the payer. We'll put the our part of amount in to a hedge fund what's generating enough profit from the invested capital to pay the loan and the insurance premium too. Note that, it's irrelevant for you that we can pay our obligations or not, because you are the first, who's get the payout. Your bonus will be paid to your bank account.

You can't be over the age of 70 when the payment is due to be processed, that means if it takes 1 year from today for us to obtain the necessary number of beneficiaries you have to be under the age of 69 today. Hopefully it will not take that long. Children of any age can participate. You can make a strong financial background for your family. If it wasn't actually clear for you, please check out our presentation because it's more spectacular.

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