Hornil StylePix Pro Multilingual | 18.9 Mb
StylePix Pro is an image editor that has all the features of raster graphics editor with a lightweight design and User-friendly UI. In addition, it has a built-in image viewer and batch processor.

Magical tools to fix photos quickly and easily.
Enhance tool and Restore tool correct specific parts of images you draw like the brush tool. Enhance tool is consist of burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, desaturate, saturate and smudge tool. And restore tool is consist of remove scratch and remove red eye tool.

Edit one character individually.
Text tool allows you to type and edit text directly on canvas. The character string in a text can be modified not only at normal state, but also rotated state without losing object properties. You can also decorate text using typeface, size, width rate, kerning, tracking, leading, align and bold and italic. Text tool supports not only most popular language but also Arabic, Persian, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Yiddish etc.

Select and edit a specific area you want.
Supports various selection tools such as auto selection, color range, rectangular region, circular region, lasso region, polygonal region, layer selection, channel selection and quick mask. In addition, you can select exact area of the image using these selection tools with various combination modes such as new, add, subtract and intersect.

Create your own brushes.
Supports a powerful dynamic brush tool. You can make your own brushes with cool characters, text, pictures and anything you want. Also, your own brushes can be more unique and dynamic with various options like rotation, scaling, scattering and color effects. And you can draw lines and curves using the line tools with the dynamic brush. Newly created brush can be stored in the preset and can be used repeatedly.

Layers are used in to separate different objects of the canvas. Layers are like transparencies stacked on another. Each layer can have different object. supports four object type(image, shape text and path) and group object. The group object contains other objects. In addition, the group may contain a other group. You can manage the layers using the hierachy.
supports blending modes are used to determine how two layers are blended into each other. In , you can use 21 types of blending mode.

System Requirements:
It is required specification as below to run Hornil StylePix and StylePix Pro properly.
Processor: CPU faster than 1GHz or SoC
RAM: 1GB or Higher
Storage: 50MB or more free space
Display: 1024x768 or higher
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32bit or 64 bit)

Home Page - [url=http://hornil.com/products/stylepixpro/]http://hornil.com/products/stylepixpro/
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