Beginnings - Thanks
Alex And C-Span
By Ted Lang

=It has finally happened. On Sunday evening, July 30th, and again on the evening of August 1st, C-Span broadcast a one and a half hour panel discussion and presentation hosted by Alex Jones of that took place in Los Angeles on June 25, 2006. The event broadcast was only a portion of the entire panel-style symposium and included such notables from the Internet "underground" as Webster G. Tarpley [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography], physicist and professor Steven Jones, LT COL Bob Bowman, USAF [ret.], and professor James Fetzer, founder of the 9/11 Scholars for Truth organization.

A sidebar article link on Jones' offers why this event is so important: "Preaching to the choir is a method best left in the past and the C-Span airing is a positive step towards reaching out and educating those who remain in the dark about the staggering volume of evidence which clearly indicates that the official story behind 9/11 is a fraud."

Paul Watson goes on, "The distinction, background and high esteem of the speakers at the conference, coupled with C-Span's notable reputation as a bellwether of the mainstream body politic, provides for a perfect symbiosis to advance the credibility and critical acclaim of the 9/11 truth movement as something far weightier and more influential than a cadre of conspiracy theorists - a label still peddled by fading elements of the blowhard establishment press. It is crucial that everyone see this historic panel discussion on C-Span. Tell your friends and family, email colleagues, and post links on message boards. This is an incredible step in spreading the word about the truth about 9/11. It is vital that you focus your educational efforts solely on those who are still unaware of cover-up pertaining to 9/11."

Crushing time restraints saddled the broadcast with excruciatingly tight scheduling so that many weighty questions simply could not be addressed. But those yearning for an honest and fact-laden assessment as well as those first-time observers of the 9/11 Truth movement were generally not disappointed with the conduct of an event so vital to the continuation of our nation and our hopes that both our freedoms and our republic can be restored. As Jefferson offered: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."

On June 15th of last year, I established that day as the "day of record" <The Day Of Record - For The Rag Of Record <The Day Of Record - For The Rag Of Record when The New York Times refused to expound on the "Downing Street Memo" and when our military dead numbered 1,700. Due to their deliberate spiking of this monumental blockbuster headline news event, which they refused both to report or comment on, a new total of 2,579 dead [Information Clearing House] has been established. At least another 879 Americans in our military lost their lives because The New York Times elected to protect the international Bush crime machine thereby being complicit in exactly the same way when they promoted the communist propaganda of Walter Duranty and allowed 8,000,000 Ukrainians to be starved to death by Stalin in 1932. Exposure of Downing could have brought the war to an immediate halt, especially considering the Times' enormous media clout. CBS journalist Bernard Goldberg has confirmed in both of his books that the Times is the gatekeeper for major newspapers and magazines as well as TV cable and network news.

Ignorance along with the passage of time are what tyrants and their media propaganda machines like the Times are so dependent upon. Stories damaging to the authoritarian regime are spiked or underreported and watered down, while news "event" minutiae that can even remotely be played and counted on to distract the deliberately dumbed-down uninformed masses of the Ignorati are feverishly over-emphasized. The past week offers some astonishing examples irrefutably confirming our republic's media friends and enemies. During the 9/11 Truth panel discussions, professor Fetzer, in what seemed an outburst of teary-eyed fury and rage, denounced the treason perpetrated by the Times for their never-ending and continuing cover-up of the crimes perpetrated by the criminal mass-murdering Bush regime.

In spite of the fact that actor/producer/director Mel Gibson acknowledged that he was drunk, apologized for "anti-Semitic" slurs, the latter justified considering the rage welled-up inside him for Hollywood's Jewish mafia targeting him personally and having tried their best to silence and suppress his "The Passion of the Christ," and in spite of the fact that this happened last Friday at 2:30 a.m. in the morning, both NewsMax and the Drudge Report simply cannot let it go. And both, of course, totally missed the MSNBC poll summing up the fact the 87 percent of those surveyed want Bush impeached. Just like The New York Times, they've always been so quick to criticize for leaning left, the biggest left-leaner in the country is none other than their greatest hero, G. Bush, president. He has outspent Clinton, out-warred him, sold out more than Clinton ever has in terms of illegal aliens, Mexico, Canada and Israel, and even turned the whole world against US except for the minor exceptions just cited. In general, Bush has proven to be the worst occupant of the White House ever.

Bush and the neoconservative GOP majority in Congress are chomping at the bit to carpet bomb Iran with nuclear bombs and Geneva Convention-banned white phosphorus and napalm as directed by AIPAC. Unleashing World War III will result in our ascension into heaven and our seat at the left hand of God the Father and elevated to the paradise of the New World Order. Only the revelation of the truth as concerns 9/11 will stop these Mankind-destroying NWO neoconservative Zionist demons. The efforts of Alex Jones and C-Span can now be employed to launch the beginning of the end of these arch criminal mutations of humanity. But the Jones-C-Span effort is just the very beginning of the required effort to take our republic back. It must be used and deployed quickly to stop the Bush loony goons.

Anyone can now write to newspapers, editors, state attorneys-general, state assemblymen and senators, and demand lawsuits and investigations on the state level. The families of 9/11 victims can file complaints and demand investigations just as the Jones Panel has recommended because now a rock-solid case has been made on a publicly broadcast medium thereby establishing more than just "conspiracy theory" rhetoric. A case has officially been launched by scientists, scholars, engineers, theologians, and true journalists of the alternative media of the Internet. And as the latter ranks of the AM tighten together and increase their numbers, where are the one so-called "conservatives" that were once so dedicated to exposing Clinton's transgression against the Constitution? Where are the investigative skills and talents of NewMax, Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and their official gatekeeper, The New York Times? They are all the Walter Durantys of the 21st century.

Where is Judicial Watch, an organization to which I have donated hundreds of dollars to in the past, not just to "get the Clintons," but to protect the Constitution? Judicial Watch has written to me on numerous occasions in hopes of rekindling my interest in their operations as well as soliciting my continued financial support. In an article posted on Jones' August 2nd entitled "Third of Americans suspect 9-11 government conspiracy," by Thomas Hargrove of Scripps Howard News Service, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, demonstrates how he and his organization are no longer dedicated to the truth but now only serve as a suit-and-tie junk yard dog for the GOP 9/11 gang.

After purportedly employing the Freedom of Information Act to "get at the truth," it seems that Judicial Watch's only reason for obtaining the FBI-pilfered video camera shots, which are horribly inconclusive and generate more speculation than less, was to debunk "conspiracy theories." Fitton is quoted as saying, "Some people claim they can't see anything, but I see a plane hitting the Pentagon at incredibly high speed. I see the nose of the plane clearly entering the frame of one video and the tail of the plane entering the Pentagon in the other video." Hey, and that's good enough for this GOP and Bush tower of intellect! Of course, Fitton doesn't bother to explain the fact that the FBI didn't release ALL the frames that would allow US to see the whole plane in order to identify it and verify the government's claim. Why were only two frames of the plane provided? Will Fitton use FOIA to get the rest of the video? Don't hold your breath!

Then Hargrove turns to Jeb Bush country, Florida, where residents are still struggling with the complex process of voting. Where is Diebold when you really need them? Offers Hargrove: "University of Florida law professor Mark Fenster, author of the book 'Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture,' said the poll's [Zogby - 70 million Americans want re-investigation of 9/11] findings reflect public anger at the unpopular Iraq war, realization that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction and growing doubts of the veracity of the Bush administration." What? That's all there is? You mean the efforts of 9/11 Truth were absolutely no factor? Americans are just ticked at G. Bush's lies?

Hargrove quotes Fenster again: "'What has amazed me is not that there are conspiracy theories, but that they didn't seem to be getting any purchase among the American public until the last year or so,' Fenster said. 'Although the Iraq war was not directly related to the 9/11 attacks, people are now looking back at 9/11 with much more skepticism than they used to.' Conspiracy-believing participants in the poll agree their suspicions are recent." Amazing, no?! The "Iraq war was not directly related to the 9/11 attacks"? But, who was it precisely that said the attacks were related to Iraq? Who said that even after being notified by his own CIA on September 20, 2001, a mere nine days after 9/11? Wasn't that Fenster's main man, G. Bush, president?

Bottom line from Fenster, yet another Bush/GOP sycophant and apologist: The American people are angry with Bush, so now they're going to get even by believing in totally ludicrous conspiracy theories that never ever could possibly have happened. And the proof of this is that the American people are only now doubting Bush because of their recent frustrations over the war in Iraq. The 9/11 Truth movement had nothing to do with it. World leaders coming out and declaring 9/11 to be an "inside job" had nothing to do with it. High level military leaders are providing testimony refuting the Bush regime's claims, but that has nothing to do with it. Dr. Daniel Ellsberg is refuting the Bush regime's claims, but what does he know?

Are people like Fitton and Fenster mature adults or brainless twits? A law organization head and another law professor, both on obviously the same intellectual level with lawyer Alberto [VO5] "Greasy" Gonzales and "Gouge-their-eyes-out" Harvard law perfesser Alan "anti-Semitism" Dershowitz; tortured confessions have sure come a long way from Auschwitz to Dershowitz. Witz ever way you view it, these towering intellects fall far short of even a modicum of "wits-ful" thinking.

They are in denial. They realize that the 9/11 Truth movement is beginning to develop a critical mass, and that's not good for the criminal Bush regime and Israel. Remembering that this panel took place in LA back in June, a warning was issued by the Panel at that time that some form of escalation of the "War on Terror" would be initiated soon.

And they were right. Afraid of a possible out-and-out armed rebellion against the Bush crime machine by an enraged populace given the hypotheses established suggesting that the Bush gang might create yet another 9/11, and this time a nuclear one, or that some false flag scenario will be employed to launch a nuclear attack against Iran, the international Bush criminals and the NWO Illuminati turned to Israel.

The Panel correctly predicted an event that would be perpetrated by the international banksters to launch WW III. And that event is the Lebanon Holocaust now being carried out by the glorious heroes and IDF martyrs against defenseless and innocent Lebanon and its children. Pill-popping drug addict and fascist fathead Rush Limbaugh offered on his August 2nd radio "show" that the photos of dead Lebanese children in Qana were fraud.

Time is running out. Bush must be impeached before he and his enabling criminals launch World War III. Alex Jones and C-Span have provided a starting point. All that the criminal Bush regime and its MSM propaganda machine can hope for is the passage of time and the silence of the lambs.

c 2006 Theodore Lang All Rights Reserved