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    Default Spying On International Bank Transfers Code Name: "Xystus III"

    The Voice of the White House

    The Voice of the White House June 25, 2006

    TBR – June 25, 2006

    “The recent exposure of American spying on international bank transfers only touches the tip of a very volatile subject.

    This spying operation was given the code name, at one point, of <>Xystus III<> and here is a capsulated background of the current operations of a massive, global American spy program that eventually has been turned back onto its creators.

    The original concept, as set forth by Vice President Cheney, was to investigate large transfers of money connected with possible terrorist activity and was officially promulgated at the beginning of 2002. All American banking systems were requested, then required, to make all of their records “fully available” to U.S. investigative bodies, without subpoena and that under no circumstances would the targets be informed by the bank system involved.

    All the major American banking systems: Bank of America, Bank One, Chase-Manhattan and others, were involved. After the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, this project was turned over to them.

    Through the wholehearted assistance of one Lenny Schrank, who set up, and currently runs, the Belgian-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication or S.W.I.F.T., the Cheney people got a foothold in the world of international financial trading.

    Initially, this was a legitimate exploratory operation, designed to track funds to and from Muslim countries, and entities, who practiced or tolerated terrorist activities and this included: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Somalia, the UAE, the Russian Republic, Ireland, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia and the Philippians. I wondered about the addition of Saudi Arabia to this but I learned that the CIA believes that the Saud family is losing its grip on this very valuable oil-rich country and has struck a deal with the opposition Wahhabists. They now know, thanks to the DHS diggings, where the Saudi royal family has been stashing all of its money and they assume the fundamentalist Wahhbists will foment revolution (which they will become interested in helping) and their payoff will be the US forcing the banks to disgorge the Saudi funds. These will then be used to pay off the Wahhabist leaders, saving the US a great deal of bribe money. Later, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France were added to the list.

    The DHS has stations located in various cities in the United States who are responsible for specific areas of financial interest and they worked, and have worked, closely with the Department of State who have been called upon to apply “extreme diplomatic pressure” to countries whose banking systems are reluctant to cooperate with this program. In addition to the S.W.I.F.T people:

    SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
    Avenue Adèle 1, B-1310 La Hulpe, Belgium Tel: 01132-2655-31-11

    List of Offices: who were informed by their pro-Cheney CEO that the U.S. spy program was a “highly limited and temporary” program for the interdiction of global terrorists. Later, when the executives in this organization began to have concerns that this program had grown to complete surveillance of any and all transactions, their objections were dealt with very severely by the Department of State through the Embassy in Belgium.

    In addition to the Belgian clearing house, the following other bank transfer systems were also used to track the flow of money. Some of these were entirely willing, in the beginning, but later started having regrets and others had no knowledge that their systems had been penetrated by computer hackers in the paid employ of the DHS (a central California branch has been responsible mainly for these break-ins)

    These now consist of:

    BOJ-NET: Bank Of Japan Clearing House

    BOJNET: Electronic wire transfer system overseen by the Bank of Japan.

    CHAPS: Clearing House Automated Payments System (Operated by the Bankers Clearing House of London)

    · CHAPS: Clearing House Automated Payments System. Operated by the Bankers Clearing House of London, CHAPS is used for interbank messaging and wire transfers involving British Pounds.

    Also being surveilled are banking systems in the PRC, South Korea, Singapore, Mumbai, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Another excellent DHS source of information are the FUNDS WIRING SERVICES: Although there are many wire transfer services, they must each use the basic services such as Fedwire, S.W.I.F.T, or BOJNET. Examples of wire money transfer services are Western Union, Moneygram, Eurigro, Sterling Draft Service, and the <>various payment services available on the Internet such as Paypal<>

    One of the prime aims of the current Administration is to prevent Americans from shipping money to overseas banks, to purchase and hold foreign currencies such as the euro, and to invest; most especially, in Russian businesses. Cheney is a die-hard Cold Warrior who still hates the Russians in general and Putin in particular. He has said, in my presence, that Putin, once a colonel in the KGB, was a “retread Commie shit” and he, Cheney, was the one behind the régime change in the Ukraine. Cheney isn’t the brightest boy on the block and has a huge opinion of his cleverness but Putin trumped his ace over the Ukraine. Cheney was hoping to put in an anti-Putin government in the Ukraine and then grab off the oil and steel mills. Unfortunately for Tiny Dick, the Donets basin borders on Russia and has a very large Russian population.

    As the Ukrainian constitution allowed a region to withdraw and form its own government, the Donets area immediately proclaimed they were going to drop out of the Ukrainian Union and petition Russia to let them join the Russian republic. This marked the end of the Cheney dream and he has now lost all interest in that country, stating that “who needs more ****ing farmland?”

    From a co-worker who works in the Vice President’s circle, we learn that Cheney was in such a rage about the <>New York Times<> exposure of the Schrank business that he was turning bright red and banging the furniture. As Cheney has a very bad heart, his staff have tried to calm him down, fearing the worst.

    While these bank surveillance programs initially dealt only with <>genuinely suspect groups and individuals<>, Cheney and his party saw this as an excellent opportunity to “get a handle” on any individual or organization that they viewed as possible present or future domestic (and foreign) political opposition.

    DHS now fully monitors any unusually large amounts of money transferred, among many others, to the ACLU, P.E.T.A.,, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Defenders of Wildlife, and EarthJustice, as well as contributions of any size to, Greenpeace, Cindy Sheehan's Gold Star Families For Peace, and any of the Muslim organizations, regardless of their nature, found on the DHS/governmental hit list, as well as any American, or foreign, citizen found on the “secret” (it has been published on the Internet!) ‘no fly list.’

    What this means is that any American citizen who contributes money to what the Cheney people deem to be “subversive” groups will, without a doubt, have their private lives quickly and thoroughly invaded and any information gleaned from the many sites like ‘Choice Point,’ ‘TRW’ or Wackenhut added to the huge, and growing, ‘enemies list’ of the Republican Administration.

    Unfortunately for the security of this massive intrusion program, the United States has made the colossal error of informing their opposite intelligence numbers in Israel with the result that while we were sharing requested information with Israeli Intelligence, they, in turn were initiating their very own program directed against the United States. The following American financial institutions have been the subject of on-going Israeli surveillance:

    · CHIPS: Clearing House Interbank Payments System
    100 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 (212) 613-0188

    · CHIPS: Clearing House Interbank Payments System. An interbank payment system related to international trade, CHIPS is used for the transfer of international trade dollars. CHIPS is used by both Fedwire and S.W.I.F.T.

    · FEDWIRE: Operated by the Federal Reserve Board of the USA

    · ACH: Automated Clearing House of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY

    What the Israelis are looking for is not information on Arab terrorists because they currently have a huge data base on this subject, (much of which they have not shared with their American counterparts), but to locate damaging information on Americans of influence, such as Congressmen, high level U.S. officials and leading American business and religious leaders, who have been suspected of hiding large sums of illegally obtained money (from bribes mostly) in foreign/offshore banks and who could be considered as being subject to effective blackmail.

    Unfortunately for the United States, a number of former Russian citizens now work for Israeli intelligence and at least a few of them have been sending all the Israeli information straight to Moscow.

    Much of this highly damaging political fiscal information has also been sent by Israelis to an American political group. This is a group that are fanatical supporters of Governor Dean, and others of his kind (of the Gene McCarthy stripe) now head of the Democratic Party and once a candidate for the Presidency. Dean has an excellent computer and internet network that initially was developed by his people for his failed campaign and it is with them that the Israelis have been cooperating .

    The reasons for this cooperative friendliness? Dean and his internet supporters are <>extremely<> pro-Israel (Dean’s wife is Jewish as are the head, and many members, of his Internet group) and Israel feels that if Dean had sufficient damaging material on the current leadership, great pressure could be placed on them, via threatened exposure on their website, to permit Dean to have another, and this time, successful, run at the Presidency in 2008.


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    Its sad but true you can't even open up a bank account anymore with giving up your SSAN which is against the privacy act. I wish there was a bank that didn't belong to the NWO.

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