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    Default Goodbye the soverign USA: The Pan American Union now exposed in Associated Press

    Hi there,

    The USA as we know it is now the Pan American Union.

    It already happened.

    Don't believe it? Read this as reported on today.

    There is a map included in this article showing the Pan American superhighway in process of being constructed in Texas. This is why I did not just copy the article here.

    No one asked us and it was decided for us on March 23, 2005.

    Doesn't that make you mad?!

    I guess they thought we would never figure this out or notice the building of this superhighway.

    Well, read this and weep.

    Now that the borders are wide open, why are they still frisking us as we board airplanes? We are not the criminals.

    This is shocking.

    Bush has some 'splaining to do!

    Margaux Gold
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