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    Default Please Don't Shoot The Messenger...A lifeline for those seeking answers!


    I want to share some sources of information that you will never read or hear via normal means of news---print, TV or Radio.

    My favorite investigative reporter is Alex Jones and he has web sites, DVD documentaries, and his own Radio show that you can catch on the internet.
    If you are a newbie or a pro, check out Alex Jones because this man is on fire!

    For starters, go to

    Recently, Alex Jones and his crew were detained at Canadian Border as per orders of the powerbrokers, the Bilderbergers, who are meeting in Ottowa, Canada. Here is an article:

    If you don't know about the Bildeberger, Bohemian Grove, The Council of Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones and the Illuminatti---it is high time you do some research, because these "secret societies" circumvent our Constitutional Rights and decide for us. If this is frightening, then I say you should be scared. So stop being scared and get informed because these "secrets societies" are not so secret. They are just banking on the fact that most people don't read. They don't. Really.

    It is sad and true. Most people don't read and when they do, they read the newsmedia that is controlled by these people.
    Even though they write books about themselves and there is tons of data written about them and their plans for "us" that already have been fulfilled and are in the current works, most people do not believe it when they are told and push this off as conspiracy theories and nonsense.

    They know that a large percentage of people go to the internet not to read, but to engage in PORN.

    I am a reader... and if you are too, start listening to the messengers.

    Alex Jones broke into the Bohemian Grove with a small film crew unnoticed and filmed the "Cremation of Care" ritual and you can see this on his web site and purchase a DVD he produced about the Bohemian Grove.

    Go to the website and click on "subjects archived' and there is a horizontal bar on top that has information to study. The Bohemian Grove story is in Elite Occult section and here is the link to the story by Alex Jones and at the end of the story you can get the DVD and copy it as many times as you want--ALex Jones wants this to be copied.

    The Bush family elite go there, our past & present Presidents, famous news media moguls, elected officials, corporate engage in pagan human sacrifices to an Owl, and have men fun with orgies with both sexes. Did we miss something in grade school Civics classs??????

    It gets even worse.

    If you have the time and the stomach to handle this, in the archives is a 4-part video that was to be aired on national TV on the Discovery Channel 1994 about the Elite Sex Trade in the USA called the
    "Conspiracy Of Silence" which was pulled by order of the President George Bush Sr, because the trail leads right to the White House in Washington DC...his White House! It takes about 20 min./per video. It starts in Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, and goes to Washington DC.

    I cried and took a shower after seeing this. OMG. What a bunch of sick @$#%^*! These 3 kids revealed the scandal and their lives are ruined by these sick men who engage in this recreation. Now, how dare they preach morality to us!

    Personal Disclaimer: I am not a homophobic person. I just dispise the sex trade of young boys and girls for the entertainment of men of power and position. They are pedophiles.

    Alex Jones's web site has lots of information to expose the lies not just to be sensational; to wake us up so we can then begin to take back our country. If you are unhappy with where we are at right now, please start reading, and form your own opinions. Otherwise, we are all victims.

    Margaux Gold

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    Alex Jones is great but just one of many who are fighting the Necons. If your looking for other sources let me know I have hundreds of them. You might try or just to name a few.
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