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1) http://www.thelibertyclub.net/audios.htm
2) By Gen. Partin: more terrorist attacks coming

http://arcticbeacon.com/28-Apr-2006.html (This is a must READ)

General Ben Partin predicts another terrorist attack in the
U.S. soon as part of the current communist-instigated campaign
of "periods of escalating violence" first expressed in 1928
by the communist party as part of its strategy for world
dominion in its "Program of the Third Internationale".

Info on the Program of the Third Internationale



The communist plan for taking over the world called for
"wars of national liberation" and for "periods of escalating
violence" as a part of these wars. Trotsky wrote a book called
_In Defense of Terrorism_ which called for no mercy in the
elimination of the middle class. See the link below for more
info on the Program of the Third International.

Leon Trotsky’s "The Third International" After Lenin

Leon Trotsky’s
The Third International
After Lenin
The Draft Program of the
Communist International:
A Criticism of Fundamentals

Written: 1928
First Published: In English in 1929, The Militant
Source: The Third International After Lenin 1929, New York
Translated: 1st version unknown translator in Russia, US edition, Max Schactman
Transcription/HTML Markup: Sally Ryan, 1997, subsequent HTML updating by David Walters, 2003
Copyleft: Leon Trotsky Internet Archive (www.marxists.org) 2002, 2003. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

Leon Trotsky wrote the two documents that comprise The Third International After Lenin cominternin 1928, while involuntarily exiled in Alma Ata. The documents were meant to be used for discussion at the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International. Trotsky’s work—a sharp criticism against the opposing program supporting “socialism in one country”—was never distributed to or discussed by the main body at the Congress. The parts of it made available to a committee, but then recalled, were smuggled out of the country by James Cannon, a delegate and founding member of the Communist Party in the United States.

Cannon—subsequently expelled from the CP—and his supporters formed a Trotskyist organization Communist Leaauge and first published his smuggled sections in their newspaper, The Militant. Shortly thereafter, it was published in book form. In the introduction to the first edition, (1929) Cannon wrote, “The publication of this masterpiece of Bolshevik literature, written by the foremost living leader of world communism at the height of his powers, is a revolutionary event of great importance....”.

The on-line version of The Third International After Lenin — “The Draft Program of the Communist International: A Criticism of Fundamentals” and Trotsky’s letter “What Now”—has been divided into fourteen sections of approximately equal lengths. THERE IS MORE TO THIS AT THE SITE URL>>>>>>>LONG READ BUT INFORMATIVE